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Multi-physics Simulation Analysis Of A Aluminum Reduction Cell

Posted on:2014-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330422963154Subject:Engineering Mechanics
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The aluminum industry is one of the energy-intensive industries. Aluminumproduction uses electrolysis method,and the process requires quite a lot of energy. Thereis technical and economic significance to improve the current efficiency of aluminumreduction cell in such an environment of energy shortage in China. It can be the theoreticalbasis to improve the current efficiency by studying the physical fields during runtime, forthe current efficiency is closely related to the running state of reduction cell.Numerical simulation of reduction cell has been developed for more than twenty yearssince the eighties and nineties, but limited by the level of science and technology,simulations of the whole cell and indirect coupling analysis are still lacking. especially thedomestic studies done on this mostly calculate a separate physical field or explore somesimple coupling analysis, and most of their models are not full-scale. So how to improvethe numerical simulation of reduction cell by synthesizing these scattered research resultshas important significance for the improvement of current efficiency and energyconsumption. It can also be the direction of numerical simulation of reduction cell.This thesis takes a aluminum cell as the research object, creates the aluminumreduction cell’s quarter model/half model and full cell model with large-scale finiteelement software ANSYS. And then, electric-thermal/electro-magnetic coupled analysisand correction analysis are carried out. In the coupled analysis,a combination of finiteelement and infinite element method is used to simulate the infinite domain, and thedifference between current input and current output are considered as well. then we got abetter3D lining, and a more accurate temperature/magnetic field. Suggestions are given tothe design of aluminum reduction cell at last.
Keywords/Search Tags:Aluminum reduction cell, Current efficiency, Simulation, Couplinganalysis, Correction analysis
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