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Design And Realization Of Voltage-source Four-quadrant PWM Rectifier

Posted on:2014-11-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M LuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2252330422964705Subject:Control Engineering
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The traditional rectifier generally consists of non-controlled rectifier orphase-controlled rectifier, which may pollute the power grid by injecting large amounts ofharmonics and reactive power, that it has been difficult to meet the requirements of greenelectricity. Four-quadrant PWM rectifier has been an active research hotspot in powerelectronic field due to its remarkable advantages such as sinusoidal input current, steadyoutput voltage, bin-directional energy flow and can run at unity power factor. This paperfocuses on the the design and realization of voltage-source four-quadrant PWM rectifier.In this thesis, the topological structure and the working principle of the voltage-sourcefour-quadrant PWM rectifier are analyzed. The mathematical model of the system isestablished based on coordinate transformation and feedforward decoupling method. Then,the principle of space vector PWM modulation method and the conversion method ofcurrent are analyzed. The dual-loop control strategy of the system and the parameters of PIcontroller are designed. The phase-locked loop technology is introduced, and severaldifferent synchronization methods of voltage and current are compared with simulation.In this thesis, the experimental platform of voltage-source four-quadrant PWMrectifier is designed. Various parameters of the main circuit are analyzed and designed.The hardware and software of control system are designed based on TMS320F28035. Aseries of experiments are designed to test the steady-state and dynamic performance of thesystem. The experimental results show that the system can operate stably as rectifier orinverter with good performance, which verifies the correctness of the system design.
Keywords/Search Tags:four-quadrant PWM rectifier, unity power factor, space vector PWM, phase-locked loop
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