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Experimental Study Of Burning Process Of Log Going A Pile Under The Action Of Water Mist

Posted on:2014-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2253330401985567Subject:Forest Engineering
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As a place of timber storage, processing, timber yard is easy to fire in the windy and dry season because of the presence of a large amount of fuel. Once the fire within lumberyard, most likely to form the forest fire caused great economic losses if you can’t suppress fire spreading in time.There are two ways to extinguish fire now, water spray and halon. Although these two approaches can inhibit and put out fires, but their are some limitations. Water spray need fire pool,however, the halon threats to people’s physical health as well as damages to the ozone layer. Water mist has been one of the halon alternatives in various fields widely research and promotion use, because of the high efficiency, low cost and excellent characteristics such as friendly to environment. Now.the water mist extinguishing technology in inhibition of log fire has not been targeted research and application.First of all,there is an experiment by water mist extinguish log fire.The experiment proves that water mist can effectively restrain log burning and control the spread of log fire. By analyzing the change rule of temperature field at different points and the gas composition generated by burning, we can get the process of water mist suppression log fire and the main fire extinguishing mechanism used in the process. Also,the experiment provides facts and theoretical basis for water mist used in timber yard.On the basis of physical experiment,using the FDS to simulate suppression mechanisms of log fire under the different parameters of water mist,we can get the best value of each parameter. It can provide reference and basis for the design of a water mist nozzle suitable for log fire.Also,it can be to provide scientific guidance and theoretical reference for water mist used in timber yard.
Keywords/Search Tags:log going a heap, water mist parameters, fire suppression, numerical simulation
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