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The Concept Of Scientific Development Theory Of Marxist Social Historical Subject’s Inheritance And Development

Posted on:2014-06-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2255330401450280Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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The Third Plenary Session of the sixteen proposed the "people-oriented" concept ofscientific development, and its philosophical basis is Marx’s materialist conception of history.One of the basic features of the historical materialism of Marx, is the man as the basic powerof the development of social history, put that man is the starting point and the foothold ofsocial history."Person in reality" is a basic category of Marx’s philosophy, and the so-calledreal people, is free, behavior subject consciously work, due to the labor and social practice asthe main form of expression of the people away from the animal kingdom, beyond the naturalattributes of itself and the formation of social property, in order to create a variety of allproducts, to meet the needs of themselves and others, to create their own their own history,therefore, the human is the subject of social history. And as the main construction of themasses of the people is the decisive force to create history.The thought of Marx, about the people, before the reform and opening-up of ourcountry for a long time, has not attracted enough attention in the field of philosophy. Since thereform and opening up, with the liberation of thought unceasingly thorough, the situation hasbeen greatly changed, the scientific outlook on development put forward in building socialismwith Chinese characteristics should be people-oriented, to ensure that development is for thepeople, by the people, the fruits of development are shared among the people. It isundoubtedly the most outstanding performance. Scientific outlook on development inheritsMarx’s theory on human. Starting from the actual situation of China’s socialist modernizationconstruction, put forward to strengthen the study on human, with particular emphasis on themasses of the people is the subject of the social development, this is undoubtedly to thepeople’s attention.In the key period of China’s reform and development, the Party Central Committeecomprehensively grasp the characteristics of China’s economic and social development stage,learned from experience abroad, put forward the "people-oriented" concept of scientificdevelopment focus on the Chinese several leaders on the social construction and developmentof the masses of the people is an important ideological heroes, at the same time Marx’shistorical materialism in contemporary China’s development to a new stage of development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, endowed with fresh content, opens up the new realmof Marx historical materialism.
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