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Research On Eco-man Development During The Growth Of Modernity In Contemporary China

Posted on:2015-01-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2255330428479922Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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The Seventeenth Party Congress adopted a comprehensive plan for attaining the grandgoal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and put ecological progress toour life for the firstement the overall plan for promoting economic, political, cultural, soc time.The Eighteenth Party Congress demand that we must fully implial, and ecological progress,ensure coordinated progress in all areas of endeavors in the modernization drive, balance therelations of production with the productive forces as well as the superstructure with theeconomic base, and continue to expand the path of development that leads to increasedproduction, prosperity and a good ecosystem.The author believes that ecological civilization is not only refers to the harmony of manand nature, but also include human beings with society,man with itself and inner harmony ofone’s body, spirit and mind. The natural ecology, social ecology and human ecology togetherconstitute the three dimensional connotation of ecological civilization. In nature and humansociety, every individual, every life need to communicate, and in communication with other(it) life, no one could endure the pain of separation and isolation.As a new human civilization form, ecological civilization whose formation anddevelopment need a new civilization subject to characterize and creation and construction. Assubject undertaker of social civilization development, people must make correspondingadjustment to the development of himself, to adapt to the new form of ecological civilizationand the new development of its new requirements, and truly to undertake the mission ofecology civilization construction. The body of the people is the material production practice,but also the main body of the construction of ecological civilization. People’s main bodystatus determines the human and nature, man and society, people and people in their ownbody and mind harmonious relationship is in active status, it also decided that if we seek torealize complete transition from industrial civilization to ecological civilization, ecologicalturn must realize people’s own development. At the same time, along with the ecologicaldevelopment of human beings, participating in the enthusiasm of construction of ecologicalcivilization will continue to strengthen, participation ability, especially the control environmental pollution, the improvement of natural ecology, social ecology, science andtechnology of one’s own mind ecological capacity will enrich and develop continuously. Italso provides powerful support material and spiritual power for the construction anddevelopment of ecological civilization.The ecological development of human beings is not only the embodiment of man’sall-round development, but also the requirements and an important support for realizingecological civilization development. Because the concept of "ecological civilization" isproduced in the evolution of the development of human existence, it is a reflection of the stateof existence, circumstances, conditions, and the objective process of human beings. So insome degree ecological civilization reflects the human and the nature, people, people andsociety and man and his own mind debugging in harmony, the concept of symbiosis, it isconsistent with human reflections on their own living style. Individuals, groups and classesof triple in same period, and which highlighted by the different emphasis on diachronic statedemonstrates the process of creating civilization since the process that reflect their ownessential strength, is the essence of human history and the development process. Therefore,the evolution of civilization and human development has intrinsic unity in essence. On theone hand, people is the main part of the construction of ecological civilization, the person’sown ecological development in external ecological environment of continuous improvementand constantly improve in the form of social civilization. Besides, the level of thedevelopment of ecological civilization could realize the development of individual. Therefore,ecological civilization construction and the ecological development of human beings is thedialectical unity, and could realize the promotion of each other, it also embodies the socialcivilization progress and the height of the two-way development demands of people, inparticular.The ecological development of human beings is a ecological civilization factor in humandevelopment, and make this civilization as an important part of people’s development andimportant dimensions to measure people’s development degree, pursue and realizeharmonious development between human and nature, man and society, and the person’s ownhealth in an all-round way. It is not only the realization of one’s personality comprehensive free development, people’s comprehensive quality improvement, and constantly enrichpeople’s spiritual world and full process, but also to realize their own mind ecologicalharmony, interpersonal relationship harmonious development, and realize the naturalecological balance and optimization, the process of social and ecological harmony and orderly.The ecological development of human beings, pays attention to people’s ecologicalpersonality shaping and comprehensive quality improve, make a person can not only on theconcept and comprehensive grasp in practice and realize its own internal environment, peopleand external environment of the harmonious development of the dialectical unificationrelations, it is also the embodiment of realize person’s full scale development.The development of the people refers to the force of the development of human nature.The essence of man’s all-round development is seek full possession from nature, society andthe liberation of their relationship through social practice which used to create their owncomprehensive nature, enrich and improve the people’s essential strength by man and nature,man and society and man and their overall relationship to create. People’s all-rounddevelopment, therefore, not only refers to the person’s intelligence, physical strength, talents,creativity, and the full development of various potential also covers the person and nature,man and society, the coordinated and the synchronous development of human beings; Notonly reflected in the highly developed material civilization, political civilization and spiritualcivilization, but also in the highly development of ecological civilization. It is not only ahistorical process, but also a dynamic and continuously promotion in the process of goingthrough the ecological development direction of the development of the individual person toaccumulate, which can realized in the end. From ecological to the ecological development ofhuman beings, from the ecological development of human beings to the all-rounddevelopment of human beings, is the goal of human survival and development, it`s also ahuman complete emancipation itself, an all-round development of their own, so as toachievement of free.
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