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The Study On Dworkin’s Theory Of Equality

Posted on:2014-04-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330392465133Subject:Political Theory
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In the1960s to1970s, the United States of America had been experiencing thesocial movements, which is rooted in the people’s dissatisfaction of social system.Then, Americans had awakened of democratic consciousness, and the requirementfor freedom and equality had been increasingly popular. At that moment, Dworkinput forward his theory of equality, not only contributed to the equality, but alsoformed a complete theoretical system. Dworkin is a liberal, not only a liberal forrights, but also an egalitarian liberal.In Dworkin’s view, only equality of resources can truly reflects the substantialequality. He held the idea that only being equal from the starting point, then all thepeople are able to live in the equal environment. Dworkin had assumed astandard,which was named envy test,used to test weather equal or not.That means,nomatter in any circumstances, as long as they can pass the envy test, then it achievedhis ideal of equality. Dworkin’s discussion had not been stopped here, whichcorresponding to the resource equality is political equality. He held that thegovernment should give its citizens equal concern and believed that the ideal form ofdemocracy should be partnership democracy.The study of Dworkin aimed to use his theory to guide the practice of the utility.Equality comes from the west but are not peculiar to the west, it is also the importantvalue of socialism. With the social development and economic globalization, peoplein China are becoming more desirable for equality. Even though China has the greatachievements, we have to admit that, in some aspects there still are inequality, andeven some serious imbalance. This paper is trying to modify Dworkin’s theory toachieve the effect of relative equality, because absolute equality is impossible.
Keywords/Search Tags:freedom and equality, resource equality, political equality, realisticsignificance
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