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The Political Equality's Theory Searches Analyzes With The Modern Construction

Posted on:2012-01-13Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116330362466703Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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This article under the historical materialism basic concept's instruction, take political life's inimportant category--politics equality as the object of study, attempts to the political equality conceptconnotation, the historical evolution, the production acts according to, the value system to carry on thethorough theory to search analyzes, tries hard to describe the human politics equal thought thehistorical prospect, and promulgates the political equality the theory characteristic and productionlogic. Based on this, this article places hopes in the political equality rational research and theresonsideration constructs realizes the socialism politics equality rational dimension, proposes thebeneficial theory basis for Contemporary China's socialism politics civilization construction practice.The equality is the humanity eternal ideal and the standard principle, but the equal idea isunderstood the contemporary politics practice and each kind of theory school history evolves a coreconcept. In the political equal theory's angle of view, the entire human culture's development is onepursues the equality unceasingly, strives for the political equal rights the history. The political equalityis in itself one kind take the reality as a foundation, take the ideal as the goal, goes forward the valuein the argument, it both pursue equality manifestation, and manifests the equal the intrinsic value, thusimpetus politics civilization advancement. The Marxism believed that takes the social consciousness apart, the equality and the political equal idea is to the social being reflection, thus produces in thepolitical equality practice the political power and the main body right become the political equal ideathe intrinsic driving influence. Humanity's political equal idea is precisely can produce in the politicalpower and in the main body right resistance, from this has initiated in the political equality practice tothe opportunity equality, the condition equality, the substantive equality, after Jiping and so onconcrete equal request.In humanity's political equality's historical evolution, starts from the ancient Greece time todiscuss the equal power the principle, to the natural law establishment law in front of all people beingequal, arrives at the contract idea again by the equal power explanation inherent right, the Westernthinker has entrusted with "the sports lotteries" to the political equality the value orientation."sportslotteries" the value orientation has laid the political equality natural law foundation, the politicalequality right is the natural law which acknowledged that what it refers to the generation is in front ofthe law all person's right equality, but is not refers to all aspects the absolute equality. But in theChinese tradition society thinking history's political equal idea is one kind of pursue overall benefit harmony theory, no matter take alls of the various schools of thought as representative's thoughtschool of thought that farmer armed forces' revolt movement, bourgeoisie's improvement thought thatthe Chinese tradition society's equal viewpoint takes the value by the Datong society to be ideal. Thishas caused the Western equal theory development isomorph neterogeny. Marxism is one kind takehuman society's thorough liberation as the objective theory. It to the human society development'sobjective law's analysis foundation, indicated for the humanity has striven for the equal the correctway. Says from the methodology angle, the Marxism through to between the human society mostbasic activity--productive forces and productive relations' contradictory movement's regular analysis,has promulgated the human society development objective law, proposed that the human societyproductive forces's development is in the human society equality developing process basic powerviewpoint. Under this foundation, the Marxism pointed out that human society's equality, along withthe human society productive forces will enhance unceasingly, but obtains the development graduallyin the breadth and the depth.This article presents argument the logical beginning is the political power and the main bodyright dialectical unification. Looked from the historical angle, political equality production basisperformance for political power and main body right production; Looked from the practice angle,political equality production basis performance for national and citizen's interactive tensity. Carries onthe theory characteristic take the political power and the main body right as the explanation model tothe political equality the explanation. From the early Christianity equality to the natural law equalityto the political equality's production, constituted the political equality history generate form again;The form equality and the substantive equality, described the Western politics equal value practicecourse to a certain extent and realize the degree difference, the two constituted the political equalityrational deduction form; Constituted the political equality important value significance in the rightequality and in the authority equality's opposition, therefore the two constituted the political equalitytheory core form. In the political equality launches in the process, has contained the regular equal, theopportunity equality, the beginning and the result relative equality, the beginning and the resultabsolute equality four aspect Fan levels launches the content. What political equality value at thesame time concern relation is the equal value question; On the other hand what concern relation ishow the equality in is essentially in a form of society the political main body and the politicalstructure to affect as well as how to develop the evolution question. Therefore, the political equalitylaunches the process also to include independent to launch with social ontology expansion. But MarxEngels elaborated to the political equal idea's science, is the establishment to other socialism schoolequal view critique foundation, formed the Marxism politics equal idea criticalness angle of view to launch. From this, also constituted under the Marxism materialism standpoint political equalitycontent constitution, including political party equal power, social class equal power, equality ofnationality power and legal equal power.The political equality is Marxism politics philosophy system info's important value category, intake the political equal category as in value center's expansion, just, free, fair, the democracy, thegovernment by law constituted the value factor which the political equality can realize in reality.Between these categories constituted by the mutual logical level with political equality contacting,just is take the public interest as the being converted to social system's most important value, it is thepolitical equality value judgment standard, constituted to the political equality control function; Thefreedom is the political order protection ultimate value goal, it has the identity with the politicalequality and the opposition, is the political equality highest level value is ideal; The fair achievementmost basic social value and social relations' manifestation, it is the political equality value extends,manifests in the political equal apparent threshold for the system design which terribly exchanges;The democracy as the sovereignty in people's fundamental rule, it is the political equality validfoundation, realized for the political equality has provided the movement criterion; The governmentby law as the modern politics civilization's essential condition, it has the safeguard important meaningto citizen's political equal rights, manifests in the political equality's apparent threshold for to thegovernment authority limit and the protection.The political equality's question manifests personally the question which with between thecountry, the country and the society relates, studies the political equal question in the Marxismpolitics philosophy's standard, its goal is provides the beneficial theory basis for the present agesocialism politics civilization construction. The political equality to concerns person's survival andperson's development in the contemporary value. The Marxism regards as the political equality thehappy social system's regulated foundation which is the humanity pursues. Has carried on the critiquefrom Marx Engels to Marxism's thinkers to the politics social being's inequalities, and analyzed in thecritique foundation eliminated the human society not equal basic path. To the generation of politicalphilosophy's development, the political equality is still now the Marxism politics philosophy basicdemand and the society is ideal. Therefore, in Contemporary China's socialism development, nomatter is the scientific development concept, the socialism harmonious society's construction or thesocialism politics civilization construction, is containing the political equality value significance. Atthe same time, embarks from this article argument basic point, manifests the political equality inChina social development the main body demand, including lives from person's ultimate good togoverns government's demand, person's main body consciousness showing demand and the person and the social basic harmonious demand friendly. Based on this, this article attempts proposes theContemporary China non-difference mutual recognition political equal dimension, includingconstitutional government democracy government, fair and efficiency gambling, construction studygovernment, thus constructs a freedom, the equal, the democracy, the progress and the civilized idealsociety in the political equality's rational research and the resonsideration.
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