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Research Of The Administration Of Land Use In Rural Land Transfer

Posted on:2014-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M ZouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2256330401477928Subject:Environment and Resources Protection Law
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The Administration of Land Use determined by China’s Land Management Lawis one of China’s land management system.The Rural Land Transfer belongs to theRural Land Contract Management System, so it should comply with theAdministration of Land Use.The Administration of Land Use sets boundaries for theRural Land Transfer, and forces the effectiveness of land transfer,which has provideda guarantee of legal and orderly conduct for the transfer of rural land in China.In recent years, the Rural Land Transfer gradually from being prohibited to beinglimited and then to being relaxed, and this change makes the Rural Land Transfermarket active.But it also brings a lot of problems at the same time, illegal land usebehavior is particularly serious.Such acts have seriously undermined the nationalpolicy of protection of land resources, and it also undermines the interests of thefarmers.Therefore, the study of Administration of Land Use of Rural Land Transferprocess is particularly important.This essay is divided into five Chapters. Chapter Iintroduced the Rural LandTransfer and Administration of Land Use, including both the concept andcharacteristics. Analysis of the legal elements of the Rural Land Transfer, includingRural Land Transfer legal relationship between subject, object and content.Analysisdemonstrated social and economic benefits brought about by the Rural Land Transfer.It also introduced the basic features and implementation of Administration of LandUse, and preliminary analysis of the relationship between the Rural Land Transfer andAdministration of Land Use.Chapter IIdescribed the status quo in China and the related laws and regulationsof the country in terms of land use control. Existing policies and regulations of Rural Land Transfer and The Administration of Land Use have been organized.Chapter III analyzed the existing problems of the country in land use controlinstitutional, including existing laws and regulations are not perfect, land managementsystem deficiencies, and accountability mechanisms defects.In laws and regulations,the main problem is that the existing regulations are not perfect, inadequate protectionof land transfer, and restrictive provisions in the law.Chapter IV introduced the experience of other countries and regions in thepractice of land use control.Including the United States, Japan, Germany.Theseselected countries and regions have a certain representation, which also makes acomparative study more reasonable and having more reference value.Chapter Vis the author’s suggestion to improve Administration of Land Usesystem with Chinese characteristics. In legal part,we should improve land use controlregulations,improve the public interest litigationstrictlyand strictlyenforce the law.Atthe institutional level, we need to strictly implement and improve China’s ruralAdministration of Land Use, establish public hearing system on rural landcirculation.On the market mechanism, we need to promote the transfer of rural landmarket-oriented. So that we can promote China’s land resources protection and overalldevelopment of society.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural Land Transfer, Administration of Land Use, Land useplanning, Requisition-compensation Balance
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