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Translating Tactics On The Fuzziness Of Legal Language

Posted on:2014-07-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The laws stipulate people’s rights and obligations, and guide people’s socialconduct, thus the provisions in the laws must be concrete, clear and specific. In themeantime, legal language, as the carrier of the laws, must be clear and accurate.However, the fact is that there are a lot of fuzzy words, fuzzy expressions in the legallanguages. The reasons why the fuzziness exists in the legal language are various,both objectively and subjectively. In a word, it is necessary and unavoidable to usefuzzy words in the legal language because of its special function. Since fuzziness ispopular in the legal language, then the translator shall pay attention to it whenworking on the legal translation, which acts as the bridge between different legalcultures. In the past, the research on the fuzziness mainly refers to legal English, thefuzziness in the legal English and its translation, but to the contrary, this paper mainlyanalyses the fuzziness in Chinese legal language, including the legislating languageand the jurisdiction language, and discusses how to translate the fuzzy words, fuzzyexpressions in the legal Chinese. The samples in this paper mostly come from Chineselaws and regulations and jurisdictional practice, especially from the Criminal Law, theContract Law, the General Civil Law, etc.. This paper is composed of four parts. In thefirst chapter, the author analyzes the development of fuzzy language;the secondchapter is about he reasons of the fuzziness in the legal language; the third chapterfocuses on the positive functions of the fuzzy words in the legal language and the negative influence of the fuzzy words in the legal language; the fourth part discussesthe legal translation and the translation of the fuzzyness in the legal language; and thelast part is the conclusion.
Keywords/Search Tags:fuzziness, functional equivalence, legal translation
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