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The Simple Procedure Of Administrative Litigation

Posted on:2014-09-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The administrative procedure law of the People’s Republic of China has already implemented more than twenty years. In the twenty years social life, economic life and people’s legal consciousness has undergone earth-shaking changes. And our government tries to turn China into a socialist country ruled by law the rule of law has become a national policy implement. Organs exercise daily management about administrative activities often perform his duties will hurt the administrative relative person’s legitimate rights, at the same time people’s legal consciousness constantly improve and people’s rights consciousness strengthened, which leading to increased number of administrative cases. However, in1989our country promulgated the administrative procedure law of the People’s Republic of China and the judicial interpretation are stated explicitly in the administrative litigation in judicial practice are applicable in general trial procedure, but no provisions of summary procedure of administrative proceedings can be applied, the program Settings certainly wasted the judicial resources, increased costs, reduces the efficiency of lawsuit. There is nothing about administrative litigation can apply the provisions of summary procedure, which increased the costs, wasted judicial resources, impaired litigant efficiency, meanwhile, counteracted slight, simple, little influential uncontroversial cases into lawsuit, the general administrative procedure disagrees with the development of administration litigation and administrative judgments.
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