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Research On The Summary Procedure Of Administrative Litigation In China

Posted on:2018-10-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of social economy,the awareness of civil rights,administrative litigation cases increased dramatically,relying solely on ordinary procedures can not meet the needs of today’s society.In order to rationally allocate judicial resources,to achieve the purpose of judicial justice and efficiency,in 2014 the newly revised "Administrative Procedure Law" to add a simple procedure.The simple procedure has made great achievements in the trial practice,but it is not reasonable in the design of the system,and some problems are exposed in the judicial practice.If the scope of application of the summary procedure is not clear,the judge understands the procedure;the conversion of the procedure is not clear;The trial period is too long;the specific rules of the trial is not clear;lack of mediation system.In order to further improve the summary procedure of administrative litigation,we can learn from the successful practices of the simple procedure in the major countries and our Taiwanese and other two litigation laws in our country.The scope of application of the summary procedure of administrative litigation in our country,the conversion of the procedure,Term,specific rules of the trial,mediation and fees and other aspects of the system to improve the real implementation of the administrative cases of the diversion.
Keywords/Search Tags:administrative litigation, summary procedure, justice, efficiency
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