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Research On The Information Disclosure Model Of Public-raising Foundation

Posted on:2014-04-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q Q LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2256330422951092Subject:Administrative Management
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Public-raising foundation (PAF) raises funds for charities with unique naturethat face with the public. According to all sectors of society, transparency ofpublic-raising foundations means a lot. However, few studies have focused on whatand how to disclosure information of PAF, and how to measure transparency index.With the popularization of network technology in recent years, it exposed manyscandals that extravagant, corruption and bribery, many mistakes in financialstatements and so on.The transparency of public welfare charity is on the cusprecently, especially for that of PAF. Thus the studies on the information disclosurebecomes a hot issue for PAF. But so far the research result on that is rarely reported,and the information disclosure mode (IDM) of PAF as well. Therefore, starting withthe roots of the information disclosure problem of PAF, a systematic and completeIDM of PAF is built in this article by using the typical IDM of Gates Foundationand One Foundation.On account of the recent researches, firstly we define the informationdisclosure of PAF, analyse the relate theories of that, and reveal the reason, basis,subject and assessment. Secondly, according to the social responsibility of PAF andthe social value contribution of its information disclosure, we explain theimportance and inevitability the information disclosure of PAF. Especially, we findproblems and reason of the information disclosure of PAF on the basis of theregulation of information disclosure of civil PAFs, the folk development efforts andthe IDM of Gates Foundation and One Foundation. Then, with the standards of theFoundation Transparent Index (FTI) and the IDM of Gates Foundation and OneFoundation, we design the IDM of PAF, which contains the object, content, patternand the measuring method of result of the information disclosure. At last we ma kean case analys is on the Hei Long Jiang Youth Development Foundation, and get theresults, which are showed below:(1) the primary reason for the problems of theinformation disclosure of PAF is the dissymmetry of information, the direct reasonsof that are the indeterminacy of property, rupture of charity industry chain and riskof agency, and the indirect reasons are the specificity and uncertainty of theinformation disclosure.(2) the design of the IDM of PAF changes with thedifference of the size and development stages of the using objects or PAF,professionalism degree of the disclosure content and standards of the informationtransparency measurement.(3) the results of the informa tion disclosure are same asthat of FTI and transparent index of USDO, which illustrates that the modifiedtransparent index of USDO is effective.
Keywords/Search Tags:public-rais ing foundation, the model of information disclosure, transparent index
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