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Discussion On The E-government Information Resources Sharing Model Based On The Case Of "Transparent Government"

Posted on:2016-03-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present, the political, economic, cultural, social and ecological civilization construction of Jiangsu is in a new development process. Jiangsu province needs to construct the reform and innovation advantage of the society’s system. Also, it should improve the government and the modernization of society governance ability. Modern management means that the government should apply the network and the computer technology in the government affairs, in order to improve the government management ability and provide better government services. Therefore, how to establish a better system to improve the ability of the modernization government governance is currently an important research content in the field of the electronic government affairs. To some extent, improve the sharing system is undoubtedly the key content and important premise to promote the modernization of the government management ability of the government information resources sharing.Although the government has been paid great attention to the information resources sharing mechanism, however, power sector, the closure of information, information technology and integration of information resources still hindered the development sharing model. At present, the citizens and the enterprises are putting forward higher requirements to the government, including the work efficiency and service quality. Therefore the government sharing model has become the urgent problems to be solved. Through the innovation government sharing model, such as breaking the bottleneck of interest, establishing a scientific and reasonable performance appraisal, the use of large data management, introducing the concept of co-creation value in e-government are the way to perfect the government’s information sharing model.This paper is divided into seven chapters, and takes Jiangsu province "transparency government" project as an example to illustrate how e-government information resources sharing system works. The first chapter briefly introduces the topic source, background and significance of the topics, and then summarizes the related literature both in our country and abroad in the field of e-government information resources sharing. Based on the proposed research ideas, research methods and possible innovative points are put forward to this paper. The second chapter explains the related theories in the field of e-government information resources sharing, including the concept of e-government information resources sharing, and Some related theories. The third chapter analyses the problems and causes in current e-government information sharing, and summarizes the both the internal and external driving force of government information sharing. The fourth chapter takes Jiangsu Province "" project as a case study, and briefly introduces its background and development history, then discusses the development effect of this project. The fifth chapter proposed the key content of e-government information resources sharing system. Nevertheless, this chapter also explores the online and offline function of the "transparency government" in Jiangsu, and. The sixth chapter presents the advises about e-government information resources sharing system from four aspects:the interest coordination, performance appraisal, big data application and value cooperation. The last part is the conclusion and prospect of sharing mode of"".Research achievements and contributions of this paper are as follows:in Jiangsu Province, "transparency government" project of e-government information resources sharing motivation mechanism was analyzed and found to promote the development of both internal and external driving force. At the same time, this paper puts forward the e-government information resources sharing mechanism, and has carried on the real example through the "transparency government". Last but not least, this paper also gives" the transparency government" the development countermeasures and suggestions in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:E-government information resources, Sharing mechanism, Transparent government, Information disclosure, Three levels of the government service system
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