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Inner Mongolia "HBE" Current Situation And Development Path Of Cultural Tourism In The Region

Posted on:2014-09-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Rich cultural resources in national regions, along with the globalization of cultural capital, the free movement of goods, also has brought the national culture security problem, how to protect and inherit the traditional culture of ethnic minorities from already, walks road of the development of a healthy culture, is clearly a national proposition in front and unavoidable. In this context to explore cultural tourism development in national regions, is national culture protection and inheritance of the new development road. Inner Mongolia as the Mongolian settlements have been in yuan is famous for its culture, the grassland culture, under the background of globalization of culture shock, the grassland culture get reasonable protection and development important way."Shout package hubei golden triangle" area in Inner Mongolia right now the main central to the development of the economy, politics, culture, local economic income increases, people’s happiness life, culture has great prosperity development, under the good momentum of development, with "grassland culture" as the brand of cultural tourism has become a important category of local culture industry development and formed a certain scale. Also lead to the development of cultural industries and other industries, such as festival exhibition industry, show performing arts industry, under this development situation, mainly grassland culture characteristic culture industry has become "shout package hubei" the main content of regional cultural industry development.Through field investigation, this article on the culture industry of Inner Mongolia industry do comb, to cultural tourism as the breakthrough point of this paper research for "call package" of hubei area, in call hubei economic circle down such a background analysis of the three places their present state of cultural tourism, analyzes three local cultural tourism under the different tourism characteristics, content and form of brand image, as well as the problems in the middle and in need of improvement."Call package hubei" regional cultural industry development path, further cause for how tourism on the local characteristics of thinking at the same time continue to maintain exuberant vitality of problems.
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