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Explore The Beautiful Sound Development Path Yunnan Art Institute

Posted on:2015-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2265330428959224Subject:MFA Vocal Music
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After the may fourth movement, bel canto was introduced into Chinafor nearly a century, it serves as a kind of exotic culture, with thecollision and blending of the Chinese traditional culture, has beenwidely spread and the height of the development. And bel canto in the30s of the last century introduced to yunnan, now already deep intothe yunnan’s vocal music culture, become an important part of vocalmusic in yunnan province.This paper attempts to study the spread of bel canto in yunnan andthe development of investigation and study, analysis of bel canto inyunnan results, experiences and lessons, explore the law of the belcanto nationalization. In the perspective of yunnan art institute ofbel canto teaching development, since the reform and opening up thedevelopment of bel canto in yunnan spread, combed and summarized bybel canto, performance, teaching achievements, investigation andanalysis on the academic research, etc. On the one hand show in yunnansome accomplishment in bel canto since reform and opening up, clearbel canto in yunnan province and its profound influence to the vocalmusic culture; On the other hand points out that the development ofbel canto in yunnan predicament and its reason, advocates thediversification of education today, for the development of yunnan belcanto do an own strength.
Keywords/Search Tags:Bel canto, current situation of the development, value results, development predicament, development path
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