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Preliminary Research Culture Burial Tombs Process And Related Issues Mogou Sites Siwa

Posted on:2015-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y P YinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2265330428471394Subject:Archaeology and Museology
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Mogou site is an important prehistoric site excavated in Chinese Gansu and Qinghai regions during these years. The cultural connotation of this site is rich. Remains of the period of Yangshao, Majiayao, Qijia and Siwa Culture have been found in this site. In2009and in the first half of2012, a batch of Siwa cultural tombs have been excavated in this site. It provides detailed and reliable materials for the discussion of some related problems about the burial custom of Siwa Culture. This paper is based on these tombs, making preliminary summarization about the tombs from the aspects of the tombs’ shape and structure, coffins and burial objects. Due to the classification of the human skeleton conditions and the analyzation of their causes, we found that the causes of all kinds of human skeleton conditions include two aspects:natural causes and the buried activities, the later one is the main part. Then I plan to restore the detailed buried ways and buried phenomena into the tombs, on this basis, analyzing and describing the bury process of the tombs with different buried way. According to the number of buried activity, the tombs’ process is divided into one time and repeated use two kinds; the former one will be completed after once use, the process of the latter one is very complex because of repeated and joint burials and disturbed secondary burial. From the speculation of the tombs’ bury process in the other Siwa cultural sites; we hold the view that the repeated bury process may be a general burial custom of Siwa cultural tombs. But the main reasons of the repeated bury process in other Siwa cultural sites are disturbed secondary burial. The popular of joint burials and numerous repeated and joint burials may be a regional feature of Mogou site.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mogou site, Siwa Culture, Bury process
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