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From "Human Flesh Search" To Talk About The Protection Of Personal Privacy

Posted on:2012-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, the emergence of "Human flesh search" phenomenon in each big BBS under Internet , in succession of some against a disgraceful consideration, and destroy the problem on social ethos two-decade-long, have certain against disgraceful consideration of social problems, and destroy a two-decade-long, pushed effectively using public supervision, promote social upright, set up the good habits. But that does not hide the process involving the right of privacy problem, flesh movement evolve into network extremely easily by violence, the search target spirit even personal caused severe damage. "Human flesh search" as a new information collecting channel, combines the modern network of human resources and the advantages of traditional computer retrieval, the Internet is developed to a certain stage of the product. It from the virtual network environment extends into the real world and triggered social people from all walks of life to its wide attention and highly controversial, public opinion to the mixed: on the one hand, it reflected a kind of spontaneous maintenance social justice and moral consensus supervision mechanism; On the other hand, it easily become involved in other citizens and invasion of privacy of legitimate rights violations. Though bud in the 19th century privacy is every citizen already at one of the basic human rights of natural enjoy, reflects the progress of human civilization symbol. The United States is the earliest system for privacy theory research in the country, in judicial precedents accumulated a wealth of experience, construct the same period equal to other countries at the legal protection framework. While China's attention and discussion of privacy started late, who had undergone a time period from blank to take an indirect protection legislation the long process of development, so far, privacy definition, object, content such as nature still did not form clear unified regulation. Along with the rapid development of computer technology, the problems in network environment create new change: privacy show rights protection content right nature of utterance, double of collecting evidence, new features, difficulties can greatly improve the infringed party seeking relief and judicial organs responsibility of difficulty. After This article by "human flesh search" phenomenon, this paper expounds the view from the traditional areas of privacy extends network world have new features, it analyses the specific form of invasion of privacy, and drawing lessons from the United States and the European Union in network environment protection of personal privacy has taken two modes, with China's existing legal system, proposes strengthening citizens to personal privacy ego to protect consciousness, improve its Internet civilization the moral quality, add network managers legal review obligation, demand constantly optimize the update security technology website, advocating the industry with government and moderate supervision independent self-discipline and perfect our country, both based in judicial work legislation, perfecting the maneuverability of the terms on which, formulate special laws and regulations shall be comprehensively protection and so on. How to guide "human flesh search" on the correct road of the healthy and orderly development of the information age, is related to the fundamental rights of the citizens pressing issue. Only play an active "human flesh search," the network, it doesn't forget mutual value to them the necessary industry constraint and legal regulation, can we truly protect citizens' personal privacy inviolate to ensure and promote, the China science and technology are developing rapidly, the sustainable development of information industry has very important academic value and practical significance.
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