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Electronic Commerce Research Contracts

Posted on:2014-07-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, the continuous development of computer network andcommunication technology, provides a broad development platform for the business tobusiness. The development of electronic commerce marks we have entered the age ofelectronic commerce. However, the electronic commerce contract has many problems inthe form of the contract disputes, litigation, evidence and other legal aspects.This paper is divided into three chapters,in the first chapter, we do the overview ofe-commerce contract.and introduces the concept and classification of electroniccommerce, and introduces the definition and characteristics of e-commerce contract;Inthe second chapter, the problem of electronic commerce contract form is analyzed,introduced the method of electronic commerce contract form and solve the problem ofe-business contract form—Electronic signature system; The third chapter mainlyintroduces the connotation of electronic evidence that force problem, and through theanalysis of specific cases to understand the legal effect of electronic evidence.
Keywords/Search Tags:electronic Commerce, electronic commerce contract, electronicsignature, electronic evidence
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