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The Study Of Government Regulatory System Of Public Transportation Industry In Urban Public Utilities

Posted on:2015-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Urban public transportation is an important part of urban public utilities and it isan important urban infrastructure. It is not only makes the travel of urban residentsconvient, but also provides an important impetus for the city’s economic growth. Asthe typical urban public utilities, urban public transportation has both economicattributes of the general urban public utilities and its speciality which jointly led tothe government regulatory requirements. In recent years, with the implementation ofpublic transportation priority strategy, the quantity and quality of large cities’ publictransport supply have been significantly improved. But it still can not satisfy theneeds of urban residents and the convenience, safety, economy of public transporthas yet to be improved. Thus the government should strengthen urban publictransport government regulation by increasing the supply of public transport servicesthrough the supply of government regulation and improving the quality of publictransport services through the quality improvement of government regulation.Recent years have seen China’s urban public transport industry has made greatprogress in the use of market-based instruments and the introduction of incentiveregulation mechanism, but the rigid regulation system of organization makes themature regulatory mechanism of developed countries inappropriate in China.Originally regulation system of organization should be adapted to the changes in theregulatory mechanisms, however, the uncoordinate interest conflicts in governmentdepartments led to the coexistence of regulatory’ absence and offside.The imperfectregulation laws also did not provide an institutional guarantee for the priority use ofregulatory mechanism and the revolution of the regulation system of organization. The mutually independent state among government’ regulation mechanism,regulation system of organization and regulation system of legal on regulation ofurban public transport has increased the cost of regulation, reduced the efficiency ofsupervision.This is essential reason why the government regulation of urban publictransport does not has a high quality.This paper adapted kinds of research methods such as the literature inductivemethod, comparative study, field research, statistical analysis and case analysis togive economic analysis on the current status and problems in the government ofurban public transport’s regulation mechanism, regulation system of organizationand regulation system of legal. The innovation of this paper is as followed. First ofall, on the basis of earlier foreign and domestic scholars’ study on the governmentregulation of urban public transport industry, this paper gives more clearlydefinitions of regulation mechanism, regulation system of organization andregulation system of legal. Secondly, putting regulation mechanism, regulationsystem of organization and regulation system of legal into government regulatorysystem framework of urban public transportation, and to study the coordination ofregulation mechanism, regulation system of organization and regulation system oflegal in order to propose a theoretical basis for enhanceing government regulationquality and improving urban public transport service provision. Finally, under thebackground of our government’s new urbanization strategy and administrativereform, this paper applies the above theory to government regulation regulatoryreform practice of urban public transport industry, and makes comprehensiveproposals to the reform of urban public transport industry’s government regulatorysystem.This paper is divided into five parts. The first part is an introduction, describesthe research background, significance, research methods, structure and innovation ofthe paper, and has conducted a literature review of earlier research results. The second part explains theoretical reason on the city government regulation of thepublic transport industry,analyses the general economic attributes and specialeconomic attribute of urban public transport, indicates the demand of governmentregulation triggered by the above reason, and explains the coordination of regulationmechanism, regulation system of organization and regulation system of legal. Thethird part is the analysis of the status and problems of urban public transport industrydevelopment and government regulation, pointing out that correlation between urbanpublic transport industry and government regulation. The fourth part selects somecities in other countries and regions to analyse and summarizes their usefulexperiences of the government regulation on urban public transport industry. Thefifth part raises reform proposals for the government regulatory system on the urbanpublic transportation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban public transportation, Regulation System, Regulation Mechanism, Regulation System of Organization, Regulation System of Legal
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