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The Commercial Bank Credit Risk Regulation Law Studies

Posted on:2015-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428957414Subject:Economic Law
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The risk of our country commercial bank supervision legal system research isaccompanied by the development of Chinese economy, the deepening of reform and openingup, especially the process of global economic integration and advancing gradually.Commercial bank credit risk problem is long a focus problem in the operation of bankingindustry in our country, commercial Banks credit risk regulatory issues for further researchnot only strengthen the perfect law system is of important theoretical significance, and thehealthy and steady development of China’s banking industry has far-reaching practicalsignificance. In this article, the author in view of legal system problems to discusses thetheory of perfect commercial bank credit risk regulation, hoping to play a guiding role inreality.Although China also has a whole set of prevention and control mechanism ofcommercial bank credit risk, but relative to the development of foreign countries, our countryin the idea of regulation, the main body, content, shall be investigated for legal responsibilitymechanism of legal system aspects there are still some space. In this paper, using the methodof comparative analysis, literature analysis, through the comparative analysis of the world’sleading countries in the aspect of credit risk supervision legal system of the main, to induce toprevent and solve the beneficial enlightenment to our country commercial bank credit risk,finally put forward the perfect our country commercial bank credit risk regulatory advice onlegal problems, hoping to help our country commercial bank credit risk prevention andcontrol. Article besides the introduction and conclusion, the main content is divided into fourparts:The first part discusses the general commercial bank credit risk regulatory problems.This part first from the concept, type, features to define commercial bank credit risk, and thenthe subject, object, content, three aspects of commercial bank credit risk regulation isanalyzed emphatically the basic legal relationship, and then analyzes the legal system ofcommercial bank credit risk of the theoretical basis, theoretical a good groundwork forexpansion of the following analysis. The second part discusses the regulatory status of commercial bank credit risk. Discussed the concrete is divided into two parts: the first partdiscusses the present situation of our country commercial bank credit risk three manifestations:namely high in non-performing loans, the proportion of low capital adequacy standard of thecommercial bank and credit operation irregularities. The second part is the commercial bankcredit risk is the main problems existing in the aspect of legal system of supervision arediscussed. Emphatically on the ideas of regulation, the main body, content, and expounds theresponsibility mechanism, etc.The third part summarizes the major foreign countries in the aspect of credit risksupervision of main legal system and the beneficial enlightenment to our country. This part ofthe first major foreign countries the United States, Britain, Japan in the aspect of legal systemof credit risk supervision are discussed in detail, and then out to perfect our countrycommercial bank credit risk supervision legal system of beneficial enlightenment.The fourth part, it is the core of the article, the article discusses the legal system of ourcountry commercial bank credit risk regulation. This part is divided into three aspects, first,this paper discusses the commercial Banks in China should set up the specific credit riskregulatory philosophy. The right regulatory concept of credit risk prevention has very goodguidance. Our financial regulatory legislation to conform to the trend of the development ofmodern finance, properly adjust the relations of financial law, set up the new regulatoryphilosophy. Then in the second part focuses on the commercial bank credit risk the perfectionof legal system of financial regulation. The author in view of the main legal problems ofcommercial bank credit risk put forward the corresponding perfect countermeasure. Includingshould strengthen coordination and cooperation between the main body, and to theintroduction of social intermediary auxiliary regulation and strengthen the supervision ofinternational cooperation; The content to the credit and disclosure to strengthen supervision ofexamination and approval; And the responsibility mechanism related to perfect. Finally putforward the improvement of the system of other relevant laws, including establishing depositinsurance system and personal credit legal system is perfect.
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