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Research On Control The Risk Of Commercial Banks 'credit By Law

Posted on:2011-04-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2196330338996509Subject:Economic Law
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As the world economic integration process, especially after China joined the WTO, China's commercial banks face intense competitive pressure and bear more risks at home and abroad. In order to develop stably in such furious competition, it is imperative to legally control the credit risk of commercial banks. However, it shows that the formation of commercial bank credit losses has close connection with violation of the legal practices and procedures. If there is no perfect laws and regulations, the credit risk of commercial banks will increase. And the financial markets in developed counties have much better laws and regulations, and get a well implementation, which can better help them prevent from credit risks and maintain financial order, then promote the steady development of social economy.This article is divided into six parts:Part one introduces the significance of this subject, the background of this subject, the status and the research methods of this subject.Part two discusses the basic theory of the commercial bank's credit risk. It mainly introduces the definition of commercial banks credit risk, Representation, and the implications in the legal level. It is clarify the necessary of controlling the credit risk of Commercial bank in law and the advantages compared to other. Chapter one formulates the theoretical scheme of the next analysis.Part three discusses the reason of the credit risks exist in the commercial banks, according to the status of commercial banks credit risk, analysis the commercial bank credit risk arising from in and out. The internal reasons include the credit approval power distribution systems, commercial banks information sharing, credit control system is imperfect and aspect of personnel selection system. The external causes, including the basis of imperfect market economy, the borrower's credit crisis, disorderly competition between industries and not better environment.Part four discusses the foreign commercial bank credit risk-related legal. Mainly introduce the personal credit information system of the United States, information disclosure system in Japan.Part five is about present situation and the insufficiency of laws and regulations on the commercial bank credit risk control , it mainly introduces existing laws and regulations of commercial bank credit risk control, analyzes deficiency on the Credit counterpart and internal control deficiencies in the Commercial Banks.Part six introduces the suggestions to perfect the legal control of the bank credit risk. On the one hand, it proposes some recommendation internally and externally for strengthening the law of controlling commercial bank credit. The other hand, personal suggestions about the realizing the security interest and the classification standard of loan are all given in the chapter.
Keywords/Search Tags:Commercial bank law, Commercial credit risk, Legal control financial supervision
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