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The Equity Of Higher Education And Governmental Responsibility

Posted on:2015-02-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The late1990s witnessed the rapid developments on the number, quality, sizeand enrollment rate of colleges and universities of Chinese higher education, as wellas the numbers of students. I would like to owe all these developments to thegovernmental guidance and support. The funding of Chinese central and domesticgovernments is the primary factor also the guarantee for the size and quality ofcolleges and universities. In a word, Government played an important role in highereducation.Although China’s higher education has been constantly developing, there stillexists some unfair phenomena on the starting line of it, during the process as well.These phenomena continue to hinder the development of higher education. In orderto eliminate the inequity in the higher education area, the government needs to takeeffective controls for the allocation of the educational resources as a guide. Thus, theequity of higher education is promoted. Promoting the equity of higher education ismeaningful for the development of higher education and the personnel training.Based on the thoughts above, this paper is divided into four sections to discussseparately.The first part describes the status of the government’s investment in universities.This part introduces the governmental investment in higher education, and leads thediscussion of the investment policy. By the comparison, the conclusion is made thatthere exists some problems of the governmental funding of higher education. Thesecond section describes the attribution and evaluation for the status of governmentalresponsibility. This section introduces the current development situation of thehigher education firstly, then picks a typical policy related to the equity of highereducation to explain in details. Besides, the pros and cons of these policies and theirpolicy-making role are analyzed. The third part describes the basic belief of fair tothe higher education. This section firstly introduces the meaning of the equity ofhigher education, then clarifies the significance of the equity of higher education and the efforts our government has taken in recent years. The final part describes thegovernmental responsibility for the equity of higher education. In this section, theimportant role of government in higher education is discussed firstly, then the writerdescribes the gaps currently exist in all aspects of higher education.
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