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Study On The Influence Mechanism Of College Students’ Inner Drive

Posted on:2014-08-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Q LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330401470952Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Enhancing is the main purpose of the education. And the promotion of comprehensive quality depends on enhancing the colledge students’ inner drive. But recent years’domestic data shows that colledge students’ inner drive is seriously insufficient even almost absent. So it is important for us to have a firm understanding of college students’current status of inner drive,influence factors,and key influence factors that affect college students’ inner drive,and investigation of the effect mechanism of key influence on inner drive. It’s getting attention by the university educators,and it’s also a great problem which could enhance the colledge students’ comprehensive quality,and implemente the strategy of reinvigorating China.First,this research summarize the learning inner drive, activities participations inner drive,and part-time job inner drive consist of interest,cognitive drive and affiliated drive through inducing drive theory,incentive theory, self-efficacy theory,group dynamics theory and alumnus interviews. Influence factors of inner drive involve society, school, teacher, faminly, student. We define the inner drive and design questionnaire in order to clear the independent variable and dependent variable.Next,the author formalize the Measurement of college students’inner drive scales, combines the theories, documents and small sample test.Then we get the original date through the questionnaires to survey1000students who come from5colledges in Jiangxi province,include Nanchang university,Jiangxi Agricultural University,Jiangxi normal university, Jiangxi university of finance and economics,Nanchang university of aeronautics,and pass the reliability analysis and validity analysis in spss16.0.Through data statistics, we ascertain that the college students’inner drive is consist of interest, cognitive drive and affiliated drive, but diffirent inner drive are not the same,and the degree of inner drive is not very high now.We use logistic model to quantitative analyse the key influence factors, and find out that teachers, environment and student accounts for the bulk of college students’ drive improvement.Then, in order to conduct policy system designing better and enhance college students’inner drive more fully and more effectively, we use system dynamics to create the model and analyse the effect mechanism of key influence on inner drive and make sure that the solution of the system feedback model are group dynamics,motivation,and self-efficacy.After that we will research the feedback of group dynamics,motivation theories,and self-efficacy on drive.Last, based on these empirical analysis, the author put forward policy recommendations to strengthen the college students’ethical relief,encourage,lead and foster college students’ spiritual awareness from5levels,include environment,school,family,teacher and student. The author put forward some advise: Constructing right atmosphere to confirm spearhead individual development by group;Emphasising on encouraging education to make students’ interest runs more deeper; Making clear personal development planning to reinforce self-efficacy. The author hope it could afford help in quality education reform and also provide reference for improving the education quality. At the same time hope it could provide deep, steady,powerful and lasting drive.
Keywords/Search Tags:college student, self-improvement, inner drive, logistic model, SDmodel
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