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Comparative Research On Tactics Of Service And Service Reception Of Excellent Male Tennis Players Home And Abroad

Posted on:2015-03-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Nowadays, the skills of service and service reception are very important in tennis matchesplace. In terms of service, the strength, rotation, angle, the control of the accuracy of theplacement of the world’s outstanding male tennis players are especially prominent. In terms ofservice reception, their consciousness of initiative attack is strong. By comparison, Chinese maletennis players are far behind them on the two processes mentioned above.What we should do isto find out the shortcomings and put forward some countermeasures so as to improve the serviceand service reception skills of Chinese excellent male tennis players.This research uses such methods as literature review, expert interview, video observation,mathematical statistics, and comparative analysis to compare Wu Di, a Chinese excellent maletennis player, and Djokovic, a world-wide excellent male tennis player on skills of service andservice reception.The research shows that:(1) Wu Di’s fastest serve speed and first serve average speed are both lower than that ofDjokovic’s. His first serve placements mainly concentrate on inner angles while Djokovichas a balanced distributive placement of both inner and exterior angles. Wu Di’s success rateof first serve has little difference with that of foreign excellent male players, but he oftengets low-scoring during the first serve.(2) Wu Di’s average speed of the second service is lower than that of Djokovic’s. Wu Di’splacements of the second service mainly concentrate on inner angles and on the middle whilefor Djokovic, they are always in the interior and exterior angle. Wu Di usually chooses arelatively conservative placement.Wu Di’s highest second service scoring rate is14%lowerthan that of Djokovic.(3) There is a big difference between the quality and quantity of the two players on ACE balls.ACE balls are concentrated on both interior and exterior corners. The total number ofDjokovic’s ACE balls and his fastest speed are both higher than that of Wu Di. And thenumber of double faults of Wu Di is significantly greater than that of Djokovic.(4) When the two players receive the first service, they adopt drop shot, and their forehand returnlines of the interior and exterior angle concentrate on the middle. In terms of the backhandballs, Wu Di concentrates on the slash line and the middle while Djokovic mainly on theslash and the middle lines. The return placement of the first service is deep balls.(5) The two players adopt drive balls when receiving the second service. Wu Di’s return linesconcentrate on the slash line and the middle while Djokovic’s on the slash and the straightlines. And their return placements are mainly the deep ball that back to the bottom.(6) The receiving ability of Djokovic is obviously better than that of Wu Di. his receiving pointswon is lower than that of Djokovic.
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