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On The Delight Of The Fluent Rounds, Entertainment By Cooperation Of Ball Games With Nets

Posted on:2015-02-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330422468007Subject:Physical Education Teaching
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Collective ball game with nets is loved by people for its competitiveness, fitness andentertainment function. But the essential attribute of this game-gameplay that was originallyinvented by people is not eliminated with the time passing by. People are still involved in thegame with happy disposition activities enthusiastically, which makes it become the culturalcharacteristic of globalization phenomenon. However this very "fun" and "interesting"Collective ball game with nets has not been paid more attention unfortunately. This paperbases on the research method of sports interest elements to try find the core values andinherent connotation of collective separate net ball game, which takes entertainment andamusement theory as the theoretical perspective.In this paper, it makes some analysis and the data statistics on the basis of consulting alarge number of literature and using the "video observation" and "mathematical statistics" torecord and on-the-spot view collective ball game with nets, such as volleyball, Sepaktakraw,shuttlecock, balloon volleyball, and Chinese Competitive Shuttlecock-kicking. It analyses thecore value of collective ball game with nets-“delight of fluent rounds, entertainment bycooperation”.The results shows that “delight of fluent rounds, entertainment by cooperation “as corevalue element in this event group continues the development and evolution of collective ballgame with nets. It is the source of the participants and the viewer to feel happy. Basing oncomplex system holism of perspective of philosophy, this paper analyses the underlyingreasons of happiness through the video of professional and amateur groups, men and womenwith the combination of entertainment and amusement theory. It finds the direct specificstimuli is “delight of fluent rounds, entertainment by cooperation” to lead people getinterested in and feel happy.Researching on the purpose of entertainment and amusement theory can guide practicethrough the sports essence and rule. This paper aims to cultivate sport interest, improve sportsfeeling in order to popularize collective ball game with nets by understanding the sentertainment and amusement theory.
Keywords/Search Tags:Collective ball game with nets, delight of fluent rounds, entertainment bycooperation, The core elements
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