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A Study On Aggressive Behavior Induced Factors In Games Of Basketball Players In Liaoning Province

Posted on:2015-01-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Y HouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330422967981Subject:Physical Education
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In pace with the constant development of basketball in liaoning province, the factors thatcan influence the results of the matches become more and more. Therefore, people should paygreat attention to various elements, besides focusing on technical and tactical competence of ateam. From the perspective of sports psychology, the paper tries to investigate the causes ofinfluencing results of matches and provide brand-new thoughts for the development ofbasketball in Liaoning province in the future, by means of researching induced factors ofaggressive behaviors.By virtue of expert interview, literature study, questionnaire, mathematical statistics andso on, it probes the causes of induced factors of aggressive behaviors in the game. It comes tothe conclusion that the main factors that result in aggressive behaviors of basketball players inLiaoning province include the following five parts, that is, people factors, externalenvironment, motivation, personality traits,psychological diathesis. The basketball playerswith different gender, age, level, position, and the years of training display various features inthe causes of induced aggressive behaviors. aggressive behaviors. However, each factor isclosely related with others and there exists inseparable relationship between them. Accordingto different gender,the predisposing factors of men’s basketball team attacks in LiaoningProvince are more inclined to ideological motives and psychological quality, while women’sbasketball team is more easily influenced by others factors and external environment. Withthe increase of age, sports training level and training years, the aggressive behavior frequencyof Liaoning Province basketball players caused by others factors and the external environmentgradually reduces. According to the different positions of basketball players on the field, thepredisposing factors of team attacks are different. In comparison, others factors’ influence ofthe aggressive behavior on Liaoning Province center team is more powerful. But the variouspredisposing factors are closely related, due to individual differences in players, inducedfactors of their aggressive behavior are not the same. One or several factors together can leadto players attack behavior, so, if these factors can be controlled effectively, the players attackbehavior can be avoided or reduced the paper tries to provide reference for the training andcompetition for basketball players in Liaoning province in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:Basketball Players in Liaoning Province, Aggressive Behaviors, InducedFactors
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