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Innovation Research On University Propaganda In New Media Era

Posted on:2014-04-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y S LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330425480350Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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With the rapid development of high-tech in the21stcentury, a deep reform is beingcarried out to the media industry in China. The most striking feature is that new media isgrowing in a rapid speed. The new media is increasingly becoming a press platform ofcommunicating information, expressing views, and distributing popular will. Being digital,interactive, unlimitedly storable, and beyond obstacles of time and space, the new media ishighly popular among people, especially youth. The momentum of the new media is soconsiderable that an enormous impact is made on the traditional media and the traditionalpattern of media is changing rapidly. Meanwhile, the widely used new media is bringingforward great influences to people’s life, thoughts and social developments. In this context,the task of propaganda in universities is also facing great challenges. For a long period, thepropaganda work in universities, being obviously ideological, has being playing roles ofpublicizing policies of the CPC (Communist Party of China) and China, teaching ideologyand politics, directing public opinions in the campus and so on. Facing the hit of new mediawhich has been rooted in youth, the propaganda work in universities is gradually been caughtin a passive situation of struggling to exist. As a result, it has becoming an urgent andchallenging task for the staff engaged in propaganda work in universities to carry out researchon their work from various aspects, further grasp the new law of propaganda work inuniversities in the era of new media, efficiently conquer hot issues and difficult points in thecurrent propaganda work in universities, and improve the effect of propaganda work.Being based on the background of new media era, this paper is carried out, by referringto the theory from a macroscopic level and considering more on characteristics and thedeveloping trend of new media, to analyze influences of the advent of new media and its rapiddevelopment to the propaganda work in universities, and to initially work out innovativesolutions for the propaganda work in universities in new era. Firstly, this paper introducesnew media itself and its status and role in the propaganda work. Starting with clarification ofthe definition and characteristics of new media, a comparison of different definitions of newmedia and a comparison between new media and the traditional one, this paper discussesinfluences of inherent features of digitalization, interactivity, mass information, and instanttransmission of the new media to the traditional propaganda pattern from the perspective ofCommunication Studies. And also from the perspective of Sociology, this paper furtherconsiders the new media as a new platform where one can communicate freely, which ischanging people’s modes of thinking, living and acting, and meanwhile improves difficulties of control and guidance of public opinions. Thus it is necessary to construct an ecologicalcivilization of the new media. On the above basis, this paper analyzes the strategic importanceof the new media to the Communist Party’s propaganda work, considers that it is necessary totake the new media as a new position and an important spreading carrier of the Party’spropaganda work from a strategic height. Secondly, this paper puts forwards necessities toinnovate the propaganda work in universities in new media era. The rapid development of thenew media expands the platform, enriches the carrier, and improves the efficiency of thepropaganda work in universities, and provides all round and speedy network forewarning, soas to bring a rare opportunity to the propaganda work in universities. However, the new mediais a “double-edge sword” which means that the propaganda work in universities is broughtwith both favorable opportunities and serious challenges: the new media lowers the status ofpropaganda work in universities, and, meanwhile, strikes the intended publicizing contentsincluding mainstream values. The propaganda team falls behind and the working mechanismneeds to be improved. Facing a situation of opportunities and challenges, the propagandawork will have to be innovated to revive. Thirdly, this paper explains the theoretical bases andprinciples for innovation of the propaganda work in universities. Scientific methodologies ofthe Scientific outlook on development, media convergence theory, emancipating the mind,seeking truth from facts and keeping pace with the times put forward theoretical supports andmethodology guidance for the innovation studies of propaganda work in universities. Itdefines four principles that the innovation of propaganda work in universities needs to follow,which are party spirit and principle, putting students and teacher first, public opinion guidance,publicizing positively. Fourthly, this paper expounds the strategies adopted to innovate thepropaganda work in universities. On the basis of inheriting traditional propaganda mediasincluding newspapers, campus broadcasting, display window for propaganda, it is to innovateconcepts by erecting concepts of massive propaganda, demassification, and planning, throughan introduction of concepts and methods of Communication Studies and Public Relations.Innovation of contents contains popularization, well-planning, highlighting the original, andpaying attention to details. Innovation of methods includes projectization, integrating mediasand so on. Innovation of mechanisms consists of mechanisms of leadership, management,protection, supervision and so on. All of the above is to provide central tasks of teaching andscientific researches in universities with the ideological and political guarantee, and create afavorable atmosphere for development.The new media is adopted to innovate the propaganda work in universities is aninevitable choice that the era confer upon the propaganda staff in universities. It is necessaryto fully utilize the modern media of the Internet in the propaganda work in universities, research and grasp new features, rules, methods and channels of propaganda work inuniversities in the new media era, skillfully merge the propaganda work into the new media,lively and vividly carry out activities of publicity and education, so as to enhance effects ofattraction and infection of activities of publicity and education, create an atmosphere ofcohesion internally, and improve the social reputation of universities externally.
Keywords/Search Tags:new media, propaganda work in universities, party spirit and principle, demassification, innovation
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