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Thoughts On Making Innovation In Implementation Of The Principle Of The Party Being In Charge Of Personnel.

Posted on:2010-11-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The principle of the Party being in charge of personnel is the collective generalization of the human resources management practice experiences with the Chinese characteristics which were accumulated in the Chinese condition, it inherited and developed the principle of the Party being in charge of cadres and demonstrated the creative strategy outlook on personnel of our Party which formed at the new stage and in the new century. Meanwhile, it is not only the magnificent principle regulation of the general goal and direction of the strategy of strengthening the county through human resources development, but also the summary of all personnel policies in a long process implemented by the Communist Party. The major tasks of the principle of the Party being in charge of personnel include formulating the plan with overall consideration, giving the guidance to different classification, reorganizing and consolidating all kinds of resources, providing services and managing according to the laws. In order to implement of the principle of the Party being in charge of personnel, we should make innovations of the ideas, widen the scope, restructure the pattern and clarify the methods in terms of construction of personnel team in our country. We have the ability to grasp the general ideas and fundamental outline of innovative implementation ways of this important principle only if we take it into the consideration of background of improving the Party's governing capability, developing the Party's vanguard nature and improving the economic and social progress of our country.The paper provide the countermeasures of realizing the innovation of implementation ways of the principle of the Party being in charge of personnel, through making an objective analysis on the implementation situation, and exploring the historical development line of personnel management of the Party, and searching the restrictive elements and reasons in the process of implementation. Here are several aspects: Regarding the micromanagement, we should emphasis on the correct direction, clear tasks, setting the general plans with overall consideration and establishment of the appraisal system, carrying out the dynamic supervision and early-warning. Regarding the coordination with overall consideration, we should make efforts to construct the new layout of the Party be in charge of personnel, establish the working mechanism with effective coordination and high efficiency, make creative coordination methods and ways, and constitute and improve the working systems. Regarding the specific personnel services, we should follow the people-oriented requirements, pay more attention to focus on key targets, introduce new service measures, and improve the service mechanism with the features of personnel market which will lead to the all-round service to personnel management. Furthermore, for the sake of benefits of main body of personnel and the talents and skills in different fields, it is the key point that bringing the organizational department of Party into fully playing in taking the leading and grasping the core parts of personnel management, including research of strategic thoughts, general plans of personnel works, overall consideration of magnificent policies, engineering of innovation projects, training and developing of key personnel and talents, and the publicity of typical cases which should be laid stress on, which will help us to fully employ the advantages of human resources in our country and make the human resources as the driving force in the economic and social scientific development and harmonious development.
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