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Research On The12-15Years Old Taekwondo Athletes’ Talent Selection In Beijing Taekwondo Team

Posted on:2015-03-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330425494250Subject:Sports training
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Scientific material, scientific training and scientific management are considered as thethree cornerstones of modern athletics sports promotion and development, the three form acomplete system of Taekwondo sports reserve personnel training. Among them, thescientific material is fully tap and utilize motion innate ability, guarantee the smoothcompletion of the old system of training, scientific selection of the training means halfsuccess. Long-term since, the countries all over the World Taekwondo reserve personneltraining in all attach great importance to scientific selection and training work, throughscientific material found to comply with the special requirements of the Tae Kwon Dogood seedling, so from the systematic training, rich talent reserve. The early selection ofTaekwondo athletes are important strategic measures of the countries.Beijing is the traditional Chinese Taekwondo team, over the years has accumulatedrich experience in the choice of material. This article uses the literature material law, expertinterview, observation and mathematical statistics and other research methods, to theBeijing team12-15years of Taekwondo athletes as an example, carry on the systemanalysis, selection, induction is the selection of problems and shortcomings, toconsummate and development, to provide an effective basis to improve the quality andefficiency of selection team Beijing Tae Kwon Do athletes, to provide references forselecting other trouble Taekwondo team. Through the study of the Beijing team selection,induction, law and summarizes the characteristics of Elite Taekwondo Team in the choiceof material from the defects and problems, summed up the material, not only conducive tothe Beijing team to further improve the selection system, improve the material quality,keep the advantage status it has achieved, also have certain reference and reference valuefor the selection of other provinces and cities Taekwondo team.Conclusion this study obtained the following aspects:(1) the body shape index of Beijing’s12-15years old material of Taekwondo athletescan be decomposed into height, weight/height, lower extremity length/height, leg length/lower extremity length and sebum thickness five two level indexes; physical quality indexcan be divided into100m,800m run, run50times,30times lie transverse kick leg lift andthe vertical and horizontal splits five two level indexes; technical and tactical ability indexcan be decomposed into foot target technology, equipment technology and actual combatability and three two level indexes; psychological quality index can be divided into controlof emotion, will quality and judgment, strain and three two level indexes; the body function index decomposition as the vital capacity/body weight, heart rate andhemoglobin of three two level indexes.(2) Beijing team in the selection of12-15years old in Tae Kwon Do athletesdeveloped a quantitative score and qualitative scoring two standard, and determine theweight of indicators, criteria and indicators, physical quality, body function, body shapegrading standards for quantitative standard, psychological quality, technical and tacticalcriteria for qualitative criteria; scoring, the Beijing team by the comprehensive evaluationmethod of weighted score related indexes of athlete’s comprehensive evaluation.(3) in the past three years the Beijing team12-15years old athletes primary size ismaintained at150-200between, check number and the number of primary maintainedabout1:3in2010,-2012to the superior units conveying respectively26.10%,30.50%and33.30%, can be seen from the results of the strength of the Beijing team is strong, richtalent reserves and more successful athlete selection is the key to Beijing’s success.(4) Beijing team present material in the age of athletes also has some deficiencies,one is the material concept needs changing, two is the lack of scientific selection method.
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