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The Comparative Analysis The Physical Status Of Capital College Students

Posted on:2015-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330425494270Subject:Physical Education Teaching
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In this paper, after consulting with experts the physical test index was confirmed, whichincluded the form index, function index and exercise capacity to analyze the physicalcondition of2010-2013grade students in Geosciences University of China.This paper aims toanalyze the rule of the dynamic changes of the capital university students’ physical status, inorder to measure the achievement of students’ physical, for the reform of ordinary universitysports teaching and provide realization of scientific development of school sports withreference. Make the students pay more attention to skills and quality training so that they willform the value of lifetime physical exercise, providing scientific basis for improving students’physical status.The physical condition of2010-2013grade students in Geosciences University of Chinais the research object in this paper. By using a lot kinds of method included method ofliterature and data, expert interview, comparison method and so on. According to theanalyzing and arranging the physical fitness test data, which included form index, functionindex and exercise capacity, of2010-2013grade students in Geosciences University of Chinaand results of the study show that:(1) The capital in From2010to2013,the body form ofuniversity students has good development in capital,but the proportion of obese in boys ismore than in girls.(2) From2010to2013, in body function indicators of capital universitystudent: vital capacity weight index are around good level, but the excellent rate of male andfemale students show a declining trend year by year.(3) From2010to2013in universitystudents’ sports quality indicators of capital: college students’ explos ive power of lower limbsmuscle is overall good, it hasn’t changed much in the four years; In2013, the sensitivityquality of college students is much higher than the other years, we need tracking study to findout whether the sensitivity quality of college students in improving; College boy’s of fastmoving is slightly higher, the ability of girl keep smooth, generally, the speed ability of capitalcollege students showed a good state; girl’s balance ability of capital college is higher thanboy’s significantly, the boys showed a trend of rise after the first reduce but the girls showed acontinued and obvious rising trend, all of these reflect the balance ability of college studentswere improved in2013synthetically; The capital university students’ flexibility showing anupward trend; The capital college students’ body coordination, endurance quality showed adeclining trend year by year evidently.According to the characteristics and regular of capital college students’ physical changewhich researched in this paper, some comments and suggestions are made in order to improvestudents’ physical condition, it can be summarized as the six following briefly:1.Enhancephysical education faculty, in view of the area where students’ physical condition decline and improve students’ overall quality there.2.Pay more attention to teaching reform, choose thosesports that are available to all students, and improve university students’ physicalquality.3.Make the sport become a more conscious awareness by link ing the degree and thecollege students’ physical health test scores together.4. Change lifestyle, develop personalinterest, form the habit of physical exercise gradually.5.Strengthen the supervision of physicalcondition of college students. Set up some special organization.6.Make students develop theconsciousness of combination of technical and physical, forming the concept of lifelongsports.
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