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A Study On The Management Reform And Practice Of Athletic Sports Schools In Zhaoyuan

Posted on:2015-03-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330425996079Subject:Sports teaching
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The management on coaches and athletes of athletic sports schools in Zhaoyuan was studiedin this paper, which could serve the trainings and the matches, as well as provide introductions toprimary sports schools on scientific enrollment, training and management. It is important for usto explore timely talent culture and management mode in athletic sports area to improve itsinput-output ratio. It is also meaningful to schools’ sustainable development for us to promotethe advantages and compensate the shortcomings.This study focused on enrollment, training, culture study, living conditions and combinationof sports and education to talk about the management of coaches and athletes. Kinds of methodswere taken into consideration, such as using personal experience, reading relevant papers andtalking with leaders, peers and experts. Horizontal and vertical comparisons were made toobjectively reflect the achievements and shortcomings of Zhaoyuan’s management reform andpractice as a national backup talent base for high level athletic sports. Therefore, we could findthose factors and problems that restrict the management reform, and propose countermeasures,relevant data and materials for the culture of athletic sports talents backup, which couldfurthermore promote its healthy development in large areas.In this study, management status of athletic sports at home and abroad was gathered, currentsituations on athletic schools’ management around Yantai was obtained, evaluations of coaches,teachers and athletes on management reform was achieved through questionnaire. On this basis,we analyzed the achievements and shortness in Zhaoyuan’s management reform, and madefollowing conclusions.Firstly, after the management reform, athletic sports schools in Zhaoyuan changed theirtrains of think in enrollment, renewed the selection mode and raised the selection criteria.Besides, the coaches lowered their status in enrollment process. In this way, the quality andquantity of freshmen were obviously improved. However, we still have a long way to go instriving for better policy support comparing to surrounding countries.Secondly, coaches and teachers were specialized in their job to completely display their advantages. Meanwhile, the school’s assessment policy was renewed as a strong support.Compared to surrounding countries or former management mode, we had a better effect after thereform.Thirdly, athlete management was more standardized and effective, not only reflected instrict system restraints, but more focused on humanistic care and communication. Trainingscores and culture scores were both emphasized. The aim and the most shining point of schoolmanagement reform was to promote the comprehensive development of students.In a word, we got obvious achievements in enrollment, coaches’ management and athletes’management after reform. However, we have to make more effort to strive for favorableenrollment policy to support the sustainable development of athletic sports schools in Zhaoyuan.
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