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An Application Of Lexical Chunk Approach To English Vocabulary Teaching In Senior High Schools

Posted on:2015-02-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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English vocabulary teaching takes a dominant position in second language acquisition.Due to the lack of flexibility of the teaching approaches, English teachers often layemphasis on the grammatical structures and individual words at present, which may lead tothe lower abilities in terms of communication. On the other hand, the students could notmaster sufficient English vocabulary, which might cause their lower scores in theexaminations. The primary reason is that the students could not use some effectiveremembering methods to memorize the key vocabulary during the learning process.According to the analysis of the current situation and the importance of English vocabularyin foreign language teaching, an empirical research has been carried out. The lexical chunkapproach will be introduced into the curriculum of senior high schools in China to helpstudents promote their English learning, develop flexible learning skills and use the wordsthat they have learnt correctly in senior high schools.This research discusses about lexical chunk approach in vocabulary teaching whichaims at confirming the effectiveness of this approach in the middle school Englishvocabulary teaching under the current situation. The following research questions will beexplored in this study: Firstly, can lexical chunk approach improve senior high schoolstudents’ motivation of learning vocabulary? Secondly, can lexical chunk approachimprove students’ English language proficiency? Thirdly, how is lexical chunk approachmore effective than traditional teaching approaches in terms of English vocabularylearning?Two senior grade-two classes at the similar level of English proficiency and with thesame number of the students (Control Class:40students; Experimental Class:40students)in Panjin Senior High School in Liaoning Province were chosen as the subjects in theexperiment of15weeks. The pre-test, post-test, questionnaires and interviews wereconducted in this study in order to analyze the effect of the lexical chunk approach onvocabulary teaching and learning. From the comparison of English testing scores betweenthe pre-test and the post-test in the experimental class, the mean scores are72.7500and76.2750respectively and the Sig.(2-tailed) is.000<0.05. Therefore, it has been found thatthe lexical chunk approach can stimulate students’ motivation, promote students’vocabulary learning and improve their comprehensive English language proficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:lexical chunk approach, senior high school, English vocabulary teachingand learning
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