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Teachers’ Use Of Instructional Resouces And Its Effects On Students’ Problem Solving Achievement

Posted on:2015-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330431958889Subject:Study of science and technology design
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In the field of educational research, the attempt to study the instructional resources from different perspectives seems can be traced from an early time, and the efforts and exploration of researchers aiming to improve students achievement also never break off. In Western academic communities, there were many studies came out to reveal the relation of instructional resources and pupils’achievement. But in domestic communities, the research related to instructional resources often take the speculative way and most of these cases are qualitative oriented which leaves the quatitative research between resouces and students performance rare.In this research, to clarify the situation of teachers’use of instructional resources in China and then the relation of students’achievement and the use of instructional resouces, we first make the definition of instructional resources in the perspective of the learning sciences, and define the problem solving conception with using the PISA framework. And then we do the statistics analysis with the big sample data(including instructional resources, students’social background, problem solving achievement) from the nation. With the use of descriptive statistics analysis method, we clarify the situation of teachers’ use of instructional resources in each region of China and in different school levels. Then we adopt the Hierarchical Linear Modeling(HLM) method to analyze the relation of teachers’use of instructional resources and students’ problem-solving skills. The results show that, static instructional resources has no significant effects on students’problem solving skills while students’social economic background has significant effects on it. To best use of instructional resources at school, teachers shall first understand the connotation of resources and realize the importance of implicit resources. If she do like that so, which means the teacher could give more attention on the discovery and use of generative resources, so it can benefit students’ learning.
Keywords/Search Tags:Instructional resources, Problem solving skills, HLM, Learningsciences, SES
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