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Practice Research On The Problem-based Micro-lesson To Improve The Problem Solving Ability Of Upper Middle School Students

Posted on:2022-11-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Exercise teaching occupies a very important position in the teaching of mathematics in junior middle school,because it reflects students' ability to apply mathematical knowledge.On the basis of reviewing relevant literature at home and abroad,this study found that many Chinese and foreign scholars declared that exercise teaching is the most important form of problem-solving teaching in middle school,and it plays an important role in improving students' problem-solving ability.In today's Internet+ era,more and more diverse educational models have broadened people's horizons.With the rapid development of education mode nowadays,the urgent problem for mathematics teachers to think about is how to make better use of the convenient Internet environment to help students acquire knowledge efficiently and deeply,and improve students' mathematical problem-solving ability.In view of the above considerations,the research object of this study is the senior students of a junior high school in Fengxian District,Shanghai.The purpose of the research is to explore the effectiveness of exercise-type micro-lectures in improving the mathematical problem-solving ability of junior high school and senior students.This study is a practical study.By applying survey method,interview method and experimental method,two questions are specifically studied:(1)Is the exercise-type micro-lecture effective for improving the mathematical problem-solving ability of junior high school students?(2)How to use exercise-type micro-lecture to improve the mathematical problem-solving ability of senior middle school students?According to a questionnaire survey of 18 teachers and 351 students in a junior high school in Fengxian District,Shanghai,it is found that the acceptance of the application of exercise-type micro-lectures in the teaching of mathematics problems is relatively high among teachers and students.In the experimental stage,the researchers selected two parallel classes in the ninth grade of the junior high school as the experimental objects,one for the experimental class and the other for the parallel class,with quadratic functions and similar triangles as the teaching content.During the two-week teaching activity,the students in the experimental class watched a total of17 exercise-type micro-lectures to explore whether the exercise-type micro-lectures have a positive impact on improving the mathematics problem-solving ability of junior high school and senior students.Data collection includes interviews,observations,pre-test and post-test scores.Based on data analysis,it is found that most students prefer the exercise-type micro-lectures in practice classes,because the teaching form combining micro-lecture and teacher's lecture is popular.Moreover,micro-lecture can effectively improve students' learning enthusiasm and attention in class,which to certain extent can improve students' mathematical problem-solving ability.In addition,in the process of making exercise-type micro-lectures,teachers can improve their own classroom exercise teaching and improve teachers' exercise teaching level.The main points that need to be paid attention to when designing micro-lectures are put forward in this research,hoping to provide some suggestions for teachers to design exercise-type micro-lectures,and help mathematics teachers to improve their ability to teach mathematics problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:problem solving microcourses, mathematics problem solving skills, problem teaching lessons, upper middle school grades
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