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Virtual Learning Community Knowledge Social Network Perspective Construct

Posted on:2015-01-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S F YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330431969380Subject:Education Technology
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With the rapid development of network technology, the way people acquire knowledgebecomes more widely, the resources available become more abundant. As a network of learning,Virtual Learning Community is the product which combines online learning and virtualcommunity. Not only it breaks the constraints of time, provides rich learning resources, but alsoit meets the people’s needs of disseminating knowledge and sharing knowledge. In short, thevirtual learning community provides people with a interactive platform which can sharingknowledge.Virtual Learning Community is a typical social network, in which each member constitute arelational data. Social networks are connected by each node and the connections of nodes. Eachmember of the virtual learning community is the social network node, and the interactionbetween members contact them together. The virtual learning communities can exist and havebeen able to develop, it is because in this environment, each member has common interests andhobbies, as well as common learning goals. They express their view, share ideas, correctperspective each other, and ultimately achieve the construction of knowledge. Therefore,knowledge of meaning construction is the members’ s ultimate and common goals. However, inthe existing virtual learning communities, the level of knowledge construction is not high, andthe overall situation is not optimistic. Based on the current situation of the knowledgeconstruction in the virtual learning community, the author carry out a series of studies.First, the author made a systematic theoretical study of the virtual learning community, socialnetwork analysis and knowledge building. Based on the previous scholars’ s research on virtuallearning communities, the concept of virtual learning communities were defined, and its researchstatus were analyzed. Through studies of social networks, social network analysis method andthe tools of social network analysis have a certain mastery. In addition, the author do asystematic study on knowledge building principles and process model.Secondly, based on the theoretical research, this study selected K12BBS, made a socialnetwork analysis, and drawed its related network features finally. On this basis, from theperspective of social networks, the author researched the knowledge construction in the virtuallearning community with the content analysis method, and summed up the factors of knowledgeconstruction in virtual learning communities.for the current situation of knowledge construction in the virtual learning community, theauthor put forward a series of strategies of promoting knowledge construction in the virtuallearning communities from the perspective of three dimensions of social capital (structuraldimension, relational dimension and cognitive dimension). In addition, the author put forward the strategies of building environment for promoting knowledge construction of virtual learningcommunicity.Finally, the author summarized the study and made a conclusion. Simultaneously, the authorproposed some inadequacies of the research and outlooked the follow-up study to make.
Keywords/Search Tags:Virtual Learning Community, Knowledge Construction, SocialNetwork Analysis, Interaction, Learning
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