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An Empirical Analysis Of SNS Users’ Continuance Usage Intention In The Mobile Internet Era

Posted on:2014-03-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After explosive growth in2009, the domestic social networking sites (hereinafter referred to as "SNS") exposed serious homogenization, the lack of good profit model, low user stickiness and other series of problems. With the arrival of Mobile Internet era, the whole SNS market has entered a period of adjustment. Facing the difficult situation, it becomes the key for SNS to keep new and old customers and maintain the users’ continuance in order to survive in the Mobile Internet era.This paper is structured as below:firstly, it combs the development, current situation and existing problems of SNS; secondly, after reviewing the literature of SNS users’ continuance intention, the author found that the majority of scholars standed on the perspective of system characteristics, and they only did simple analysis based on the expectation confirmation theory. It analyzes the elements of customer value in the Mobile Internet era from the perspective of user. And it takes as an example and carries out an empirical research to find out the influence factors of SNS users’continuance intention. Based on the expectation confirmation model and customer value theory, the study constructs a conceptual model of SNS users’ continuance intention to research the impacts of specific dimensions of SNS users’ customer value on the users’ continuance intention.Then, this paper makes reference to the mature scale of previous studies, and does a small sample pre-test to adjust items and forms the final questionnaire. The questionnaire survey was conducted among undergraduates Renren users. After data collection, this paper analyzes the222valid questionnaires to verify the hypotheses and the model with SPSS19.0and AMOS17.0.Analysis indicates that up to80.6%of the users chose to log more by computer, and only33.3%of users log in at least one time a day. The survey also shows that the mean of entertainment value and program value of are higher, while, the mean of function value and social value are relatively low.In addition, the results of empirical analysis proves the rationality of users’ continuance intention model in the SNS context, among the four dimensions of customer value, the degree of impact on continuance intention from large to small is as follows:social value, procedure value, entertainment value and function value. Social value has direct and indirect positive impacts on continuance intention at the same time, the entertainment value only has an indirect positive impact on it through satisfaction, the function value only has a weak indirect effects through satisfaction, the program value significantly impacts the users’continuance intention directly. The analysis also proves that satisfaction of user has a partial mediating effect of customer value and the user’s continuance intention.Multi-group analysis shows whether in the high mobility group or the low mobility group, program value is the main factor influencing users’ continuance intention, social value is the main factor that affect customer satisfaction; in addition, entertainment value can also affect users’ satisfaction in the high mobility group, social value can also affect users’ continuance intention in the low mobility group.Finally, according to the results of empirical analysis the paper concludes:the SNS users’ value demand accords with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, functional value and program value are classified as health factors in the two-factor theory, while social value and entertainment value are classified as motivating factors. This paper also ventures the opinion that the social networking site should first improve social value and then keep entertainment value at the same time, but also need to improve program value constantly, and SNS should build quality and core function in the aspect of function value. The main measures include creating a full range of customer value, improving the mobile client platform construction, building integrated online marketing platform and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mobile Internet, SNS, Customer Value, Continuance Usage Intention
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