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The Investigation And Study On City Zhong Shan Fiscal Policies To Guide The Financial Support To Small And Medium-sized Enterprise Development Situation

Posted on:2014-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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SMEs are the main force of the market economy, it plays an important role inpromoting national economic development, the promotion of social stability as a basisfor the entire force, and its indelible contribution. Funds are a major force to support thedevelopment of SMEs, but SMEs themselves are small, less collateral assets and otherfactors can lead to lack of adequate financial support. Financial institutions areprofitable and risk considerations tend to support information symmetry, better assetallocation of large enterprises. Although the government through the establishment of aspecial fund to support SMEs, subsidized loans and other direct way to support SMEfinancing has achieved some success, but by revenue, time and other factors, themeasure is difficult to conduct long-term sustainability. Monetary policyimplementation process, on the one hand the impact of impairment on financialinstitutions to make funds remain, most in need of funding for SMEs on the other handdo not get financing.This thesis focuses on these issues in order to Zhongshan fiscal policy objects to studyfiscal policy to guide financial support SMEs development status condition, operatingresults and Suggestions. Following major elements:1. Domestic and foreign financing difficulties for SMEs based on the theory to explorethe root causes of SME financing, SME financing was due mainly to SMEs andfinancial institutions, information asymmetry, the government enough time to continueto support SMEs, the intensity is not strong enough, not extensive enough.2. domestic fiscal policy to guide financial support for SME financing instance as areference, combined with China’s specific economic situation, put forward specificrecommendations.3. Detailed description of the development of SMEs financing situation andpredicament, demonstration fiscal policy to guide financial institutions to support theneed for the development of SMEs.4. Zhongshan City for the survey, described in detail in this paper, Zhongshan City,Zhongshan City, the financial and fiscal guidance to support the development of SMEs financial situation, government agencies, financial institutions, enterprises in the surveyresults show that fiscal policy to guide financial institutions to support the developmentof SMEs to obtain some results, but there are many problems.5. Zhongshan City, on fiscal policy to guide financial institutions to support thedevelopment of SMEs to propose a solution as follows: First, changing concepts,enhance the financial guide financial support for the development of SMEs degree ofattention; second is to expand the scale, the use of scientific methods and screeningreasonable position to support enterprise; three greater efforts to fully support anddevelop the security industry; Fourth optimization mechanism, vigorously promotefinancial innovation and boost local; Fifth, innovative ways to improve financialsupport for SME development initiative; six is to strengthen the credit systemconstruction, and create SMEs financial institutions with good information symmetryplatform.
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