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The Credit Risk Evaluation Of Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises Based On Supply Chain Finance

Posted on:2014-11-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2269330401982490Subject:Logistics Engineering
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Small and medium-sized enterprises play a strategic role in contributing to economic development in China, especially in the development of social productivity, optimization of economic structure and innovation of science and technology. Due to disadvantages of small and medium-sized enterprises and immaturity of Chinese financial market, financing difficulties restrict development of small and medium-sized enterprises in China for a long time, becoming the bottleneck of sustainable economic development in China.Supply chain finance is the innovative financial service designed for financing requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises in the supply train. Supply chain finance mode can not only effectively eliminates information asymmetry between commercial banks and enterprises, effectively solving financing difficulties of the small and medium-sized enterprises with few collateral assets, but also improves the core competitiveness of commercial banks, offering new revenue growth opportunities for commercial banks and third party logistics enterprises.Firstly, based on supply chain finance theory, credit risk theory, credit risk evaluation theory, this paper in-depth analyzes main modes of supply chain finance with related credit risk and establishes the credit risk evaluation index system of small and medium-sized enterprises based on supply chain finance. Second, this paper utilizes Factor Analysis and Logistic Regression to construct credit risk evaluation model and to found eight major credit risk evaluation indexes. By model validation and case analysis, this credit risk evaluation index system turns to be scientific and feasible in a certain degree. Finally, on the perspective of commercial banks, this paper offers suggestions for internal risk and external risk management of supply chain finance.With development of supply chain finance and improvement of commercial credit system, the financing difficulties of Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises will be effectively solved, realizing mutually beneficial cooperation of small and medium-sized enterprises, core enterprises, commercial banks, and third party logistics enterprises. The credit risk evaluation index system of small and medium-sized enterprises based on supply chain finance is key for commercial bank to operate supply chain finance service. Therefore, research of supply chain finance and related credit risk has practical and theoretical importance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supply chain finance, Small and medium-sized enterprise, Credit risk evaluation, Factor analysis, Logistic regression
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