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Analysis On The Behaviors Of Member Participation In Farmer Specialized Cooperatives From The Perspective Of Heterogeneity

Posted on:2014-09-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C L TanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2269330425963695Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Homogeneity and heterogeneity of members, is an important field in the study of cooperative theory. In general, combination and cooperation between members with the same interests is an important basis for effective operation of cooperatives. However, the Chinese farmer specialized cooperatives from the day of their established are to cooperate with the United heterogeneity among the members, All farmers have obvious differences in the aspects of resource endowments social motivation, cosplay and risk preference, meanwhile, the external market is complex and changeable, the Chinese farmer cooperatives participation behavior have significant differences from western traditional agricultural cooperatives participation behavior. But scholars both on theory and practice are all lack of understanding and system of science, the related practice departments lack basic theories of cooperative governance.which lead to the Related departments lack practice basic theories of cooperative govemance.For that reason, This paper attempts to research on our country farmer specialized cooperative members participation behavior, empirical analysis the members motivation、role、membership benefits、satisfaction And its impact on cooperative organizational commitment, from the perspective of heterogeneity so as to provide reference of related decision-making.This paper includes the following parts:First, the performance and behavior characteristic of farmeres specialized cooperatives heterogeneity. This chapter analyzes the membership heterogeneity of specific performance in resource endowment, social motivation, risk preference,role and expected from cooperatives.Second, empirical research on membership heterogeneity and motivation. This chapter uses two dimentiones logistic model to analyze the factors which influence on members join the cooperation, it found that members of the agency, motivation, has the characteristics of scale production members tend to be more service oriented into the social motivation.Third,Membership heterogeneity and members’ role.This chapter discusses members play role in the cooperatives and the member dimensions. Find that business participation,management participation and capital participation level is not the same, the capital participate has more actively in the management in the cooperatives.Fourth, membership heterogeneity and participation effect. This chapter Analysis participation effect from the two aspects of membership benefits and satisfaction. Find that different participation members will form different participation effect, including the economic interests and heart satisfaction etc. In addition, this chapter also explains the influence of members’ satisfaction with members of organizational commitment.Some managerial suggestions of this study are summarized:(1) Governments at all levels should further set up policy guidelines and legislation development for specialized farmers cooperatives, and create a favorable external environment for the development of cooperatives; Encourage cooperatives to develop diversification, and meet the different needs of cooperatives members; government departments should not be too much intervene the cooperatives internal institutional arrangements.(2) Cooperatives should establish a reasonable standard to absorb members, and work out different service strategies to different members, do not forced farmers to join cooperatives.(3)In order to encourage key stakeholder to invest more resource and create more economic income, Cooperatives should accept and protect their scarce resources.(4) Encourage common members of capital and management participation, and limit shareholding ratio of core members in some extent.(5)Cooperatives should establish a patronage rebates and bonus sharing mechanism, And take a different product purchase price and technical service strategy for members and non-members.(6) Famers should choose useful cooperatives, and actively participate in business and management of the cooperatives, when the individual interests are unfair treatment or can not meet the original expectations, famer should take correct way to communicate with cooperative management,when necessary, Even choose Exit the cooperatives to protect their own interests.
Keywords/Search Tags:Farmer Specialized Cooperatives, Membership heterogenelty, Members participate, Interest and satisfaction, organizationnal commitment
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