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Study On The Issue Of Microfinance Of The Rural Credit Cooperatives In Hengyang City

Posted on:2014-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2269330425991135Subject:Rural and Regional Development
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Microfinance first established by professor Yunus in1970s to provide a small amount of loans without collateral security to the low-income households for helping to alleviating poverty, so it gained a great deal of most gratifying attention form the developing countries. China was a country with a vast agricultural base, and the problems with rural economy, rural development and rural demography agriculture had always been influenced the healthy and rapid development of the domestic economy, so the introduction of foreign microfinance in order to solve the problem of households’ poverty effectively in1990s, and achieving preliminary results, however, there were still many shortcomings.In the paper, it has done some analysis of the issues of the microfinance in rural credit cooperatives. Firstly, it reviewed on the research of microcredit from both domestic and overseas and elaborated the concept and related theories of microfinance to establish a theoretical foundation for the further study, and illustrated the practice, basic elements, distinguishing feature, credit’s role of the microfinance in rural credit cooperatives. Secondly, it described the development of the microfinance of rural credit cooperatives in Hengyang city, and on the basis of the study in the development of microfinance in rural credit cooperatives in Hengyang city, it found the problems of microfinance’ practice and analyzed its reasons in Hengyang city from four aspects of microfinance, rural credit cooperatives, farmers and policy. Finally, with learning from foreign experience in the successful operation of microfinance, such as Grameen Bank, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Sun Village Bank and Bank of Uganda mutual aid, it drown some suggestions for the developing of the microfinance in domestic rural credit cooperatives with the angels of policy and mechanism innovation, for ensure the healthy development of the microfinance in rural credit cooperatives, in order to further develop the economy of domestic rural and make contributions to the construction of the new socialist countryside.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural credit cooperatives, Microfinance, policy and proposal
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