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Study On The Present Operation Situation And The Model Choice Of The Credit Guarantee System Of Small And Medium Enterprises

Posted on:2015-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Along with the rapid development of our economy,the number of the small andmedium-sized enterprises have to occupy the vast majority of the total number ofenterprises, and the contribution of the small and medium-sized enterprises hasbecome increasingly prominent, now they have become the major force of thenational economic development and the main position can not be ignored. However,the financing difficulty is the most important problem which limit on the developmentprocess of the small and medium-sized enterprises and it is a problem faced by manycountries all around the world, and people relevant in these countries generallybelieve that establishing the credit guarantee system is an effective solution, ourcountry built up the SME credit guarantee system in the1990s, and played aimportant role to relieve the financing difficulty of the SME, this paper alsoestablished a simple credit balance model to explain how does the credit guaranteesystem relieve the financing difficulty of the SME.This paper combined with the specific data analyzed the scale situation and theoperate situation of the development of China’s SME credit guarantee system and alsosummarized the existing problems it faced. This paper also studied the advancingexperience of four countries includes Japan, Germany, South Korea, USA who’scredit guarantee system is more perfect, and summed up some experience should beused for our developing of the SME credit guarantee system.This paper studied three kinds of security models of China, studied how doesthey operate and their advantages and disadvantages, through comparing the threekinds of security models this paper point out that we should develop a security modelthat mainly commercial guarantee, backed with policy guarantee as the re-guaranteeand supplemented by mutual guarantee. The commercial guarantee can play itsbusiness model advantages and avoiding from the intervention of outside, the policy guarantee re-guarantee for the commercial guarantee as the credit support relieves therisk of loss and supplement by the mutual guarantee for providing more support forenterprises. In addition, this paper also puts forward some suggestion for improvingthis kind of security model on how to serve the enterprises: First, put forward somesuggestions on how to perfect the existing commercial guarantee; Second, we shouldstrengthen the cooperation of the security agencies and the city commercial banks thatwe can bring interest to all of three; Third, we should perfect the credit system forlaying a solid credit foundation; Fourth, we should perfect the building of the legalenvironment for building a better environment for the guarantee system; Fifth, wemust remain committed to innovation to provide more flexible and various service.
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