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Research On Construction Mode Of Small And Medium Enterprises Accounting Information In Cloud Computing Environment

Posted on:2015-03-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R H QiaoFull Text:PDF
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The rapid development of modern era of world economy, the wave of change inscience and technology continue to impact everyone daily lives, modern informationtransmission is no longer restricted by time and space, and economic globalizationmakes businesses more intensified competition, risk also growing wider, traditionalaccounting has been unable to meet the requirements of social development. Therefore,accounting information emerged, along with making our accounting work hasundergone enormous changes. As an integral part of the national strategy, Accountinginformation occupies an important position in the national economy.Our country has a large number of small and medium enterprises. As a nationaleconomy basic unit of the enterprise, its information level influence nationalinformation construction. they are playing an increasingly important role in China’seconomic development,the small and medium enterprises are facing an era full ofopportunities, but they are also facing significant competitive challenges at home andabroad, they need modern IT tools for business process management activities,accounting information, such as purchasing, sales, inventory, operations, finance,decision making and so on. the applications is the future trend. According to thecorporate life cycle theory, these small and medium enterprises are in urgent need ofenterprise information, the accounting information is the core. However, due to lack offunds for small and medium enterprises, brain drain, the scarcity of resources,management loose and other factors,accounting information technology developmenthas been relatively slow. Small and medium enterprises face a tough survivalenvironment and experience constantly financial difficulties. How to raise the overalllevel of small and medium enterprises accounting information is a long way to go.In view of this, in the study introduces cloud computing into the accountinginformation technology among small and medium enterprises, proposes research aboutcloud computing model accounting information technology environment.Accounting information technology development has not only limited accountturned from a hand-made changes in accounting software applications, in fact, has beenthe transition to cloud computing to new applications implemented in the new period.Cloud computing platform provides a powerful computing capability with App engine,users take advantage of various types of engines to achieve the required financial accounting facile, accounting information technology reduce the accounting thresholdfor small and medium enterprises, cloud computing provides technical support forenhancing the level of small and medium enterprises accounting information effectively.This paper is divided into seven sections. The first part of the introduction, anoverview of the background under the present situation, ideas and so on. The secondpart of accounting information for small and medium enterprises and cloud computingare outlined. The third part of the build cloud-based model for small and mediumenterprises accounting information strategy analysis. Section IV presents problems forsmall and medium enterprises accounting information and correspondingcountermeasures in cloud computing environment. The fifth part summarizes theconclusions and outlook on the basis of full text.
Keywords/Search Tags:the small and medium-sized enterprises, accounting information, cloud computing, Information construction mode
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