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The Research On Accounting Information Of Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises

Posted on:2018-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Information of small and medium-sized enterprises is an important part of information construction in China.Accounting information is the cornerstone of enterprise information,the information of small and medium-sized enterprises is the focus of Chinaís information strategy.According to "promote the development planning of small and medium enterprises(2016-2020)",the full implementation of the information construction of small and medium-sized enterprises,enhancing the SMEsí integration ability of information and industrialization,is the focus of information construction in China,and is an important means of promoting the sustainable development of SMEs.However,SMEsí information development is lagging behind because of their own limited capacity.But SMEs lack effective external guidance and information products and services can not meet the needs of SMEs,they make the information of SMEs has little effect.Therefore,through literature study,case analysis and other methods,analyze common problems and the impact factors of information of SMEs,from the traditional means of information to the use of cloud platforms for information,analyze the different information paths that used in different development period of SMEs,and guide SMEs to choose the suitable information plan according to their situation,from the aspects of internal factors,external policy environment and market environment,Through in-depth study of SMEsí information,solve the contradiction between the traditional accounting model and modern information technology,improve the basic theory of accounting information,ameliorate the accounting method,in order to meet the demands of accounting,business operation,management decision in the era of big data.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Information, Cloud Platform, Factors
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