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Research On DsPIC30F6010A Control System For Switched Reluctance Motor

Posted on:2015-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G J YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2272330422987014Subject:Motor and electrical appliances
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This paper studies the control system of switched reluctance motor for vehicles.The current development of the EV drive system is briefly introduced in this paper;and the strengths and weaknesses of several motor drive control systems widelyapplied nowadays are compared and analyzed. The main circuit, drive circuit, andposition detection circuit are designed for switched reluctance motor drive system.Based on the analysis of the characteristics of the three basic control methods, i.e.current chopping control, voltage PWM control and angle position control forswitched reluctance motor, three different control methods for low speed, mediumspeed and high speed are proposed to improve efficiency and change the turn-on andturn-off angles in real time, which can be as the SRM control strategy. The SRMcontrol system is designed based on dsPIC30F6010A. In terms of hardware, voltage,current, and temperature detection circuits, output signal logic synthesis circuit as wellas keyboard and display circuit are designed. For software, the flow diagram of mainprogram and subroutines is designed according to the dsPIC30f6010A-basedcontroller of switched reluctance motor and the proposed control strategy with a widespeed range. C language is used for the corresponding control program designing anddebugging of the controller. The7.5kW SRM drive system for electric vehicles isbuilt and speed waveforms and current waveforms in different speed sections arecollected, compared and analyzed. Experiment results indicate that the three-sectiondrive control method can achieve good start, acceleration and decelerationperformance, which is well applied to the EV drive system. Finally, the summery ofthe total work is given and the direction of further study is provided at the end of thepaper.
Keywords/Search Tags:electric vehicles (EVs), switched reluctance, dsPIC30F6010A, wide rangespeed, efficiency
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