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Transformer Winding Deformation Tester Based On ARM11

Posted on:2015-04-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2272330467957736Subject:Agricultural Electrification and Automation
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With the development of society and science, power grid construction is graduallydeveloping toward the intelligent direction, the new technology is used in more and moredevices which are applied to electric field, the whole power grid structure appears biggerchange. Position of transformer in the power system is very important, the safe and reliableoperation of the transformer is necessary for ensuring the normal operation of the wholepower grid. For transformer, winding is the major part of the problem, therefore, in view ofthis situation, development of a tester for higher accuracy of winding test is necessary andof great significance to the safe and reliable operation of the power grid.Now the methods of detecting the winding deformation of power transformer mainlyhave frequency response method, low voltage impulse method and the method of shortcircuit impedance. Compared with frequency response method, the latter two are relativelylow in the detection accuracy rate, and are poor in the external interference resistance, andare taking a relatively long time in whole detection, and repeatability is not good for them.And the external interference resistance of frequency response method is strong, itsapplication is more extensive than the latter two, and even if the winding deformation isvery small, it can also be detected. The tester in this paper is using the frequency responseanalysis method.The object of this paper is the tester of transformer winding deformation basedon ARM11. Firstly, through access to relevant data and documents, research of the presentsituation and the future development direction of transformer winding deformation, thepaper elaborates and structure of embedded system which have a good prospect in theapplication of portable equipment; then the paper introduces the effect of the power systemfault for transformer winding deformation, and the force analysis for the windingsdeformation, and analyses the influence of the winding deformation on the frequencyresponse curve; then the design of hardware circuit, including the S3C6410minimumsystem design, AD9910circuit design, automatic regulation of power amplification circuitand signal acquisition circuit design; then the design of software driver preparations,including the establishment of cross compiler environment, U-Boot transplant, Linuxkernel transplantation, the establishment of file system and the driver of embeddedLinux based on ARM, including the DM9000network driver, DDS driver, touch screendriver; in the finally´╝îthe design of embedded system software, using QT to design theman-machine interactive interface, the location PID algorithm and incremental PIDalgorithm was introduced, and the incremental PID algorithm is applied in the regulation ofoutput amplitude, gives the PID algorithm procedures, the design of serial communicationprotocol between PC and detector; In this paper each module can achieve good function intester, but there are still some problems in need of further improvement measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Transformer Winding Deformation, Frequency Response Analysis method, DDS, Incremental PID Algorithm, ARM11, Linux
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