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The Control And Analysis Of Microgrid Energy Managent System Based On Event Triggering

Posted on:2016-09-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B B HanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2272330482469560Subject:Electrical engineering
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Global problems like the growing demand on energy, shortage of energysupply, and environment concerns, have motivated the exploitation and utilization of clean and renewable energy sources. The increasing penetration of Distributed Energy Resources(DERs) in recent power network brought the new concept Microgrid(MG). The MG has received increasing attention with high reliability, stability and cost effectiveness.However,microgrid is hybrid dynamic network composed of different types of DERs, which is easy to causeenergy management,security,stability and a series of systemic problems. In order to ensure that the MG can effectively use DERs to provide continuous power supply, this paper proposed the control strategy based on event-triggering about energy management system.Firstly, this paper illustrated the analysis of the basic structure of MG. Considering the complex structure and operating mode, the multi-agent system(MAS) and Petri nets tools were introducedhere.The triggering condition of all kinds of DERs is designed by studying the principle of event-triggering.Simultaneously, the model of each DERs was built by using Petri nets.Finally, a decentralized coordinated control scheme of energy management system is constructed based on MAS. Thestabilityof MG in the process ofenergy managementareanalyzed. After the information fusion processing of voltage sequences, the voltage security assessment index are extracted, by which three operating mode of MG are defined. Considering the three operating mode of MG, the control strategy of management system based on event-triggering are designed respectively.Simulation results show that the control strategy of management system based on event-triggering can ensure MG to effectively use DERs to meet variable load demand with high reliability, flexibility and efficiency. Simultaneously, the validity of proposed control scheme is demonstrated by means of simulation results.
Keywords/Search Tags:Event-Triggering, Microgrid, Energy Management System, Multi-Agent System (MAS), Petri Nets
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