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Research And Design Of Feeder Terminal Unit Of Distribution Network Dispatching Automation

Posted on:2017-02-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2272330482982450Subject:Control Engineering
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The automation of distribution network can effectively ensure the effective operation of the distribution network, and ensure the quality of the user’s power supply. The automation of distribution network is realized by automatic feeder to control the distribution network. In the current power system automation system commonly used mainly has two kinds. One system based on distribution automation switch device, it achieves isolation of feeder fault and the normal power supply to non fault section by a plurality of feeder automation switch equipment with multiple reclosing, the damage to the electrical equipment is greatly. The other control system is based on communication system and computer. Firstly, the fault information of the feeder is transported to the automation of distribution network dispatching control center. Then the control center integrates information, it controls automatic switch device remotely for field operation to realize the fault isolation and the normal supply of non fault section. This method is too dependent on the system communication network and control station.In view of the above shortcomings, a new scheme of local-protection based FTU is proposed in the paper.Firstly, according to the main theory of distribution network automation, the paper analyzes its main structure and the working principle. A new scheme of local-protection is proposed in the paper. The basic function requirements of the local-protection system are also proposed. FTU fast algorithm is selected in the scheme. The feeder model of ring network is selected in the feeder fault handing process, and the paper analyzes the process deeply.Secondly, the paper designs the hardware and the software of the feeder terminal unit based on the chip TMS320F2812 of DSP. The hardware mainly includes the AC single processing circuit, drive circuit, LCD interface circuit and the communication interface circuit etc. The corresponding software is designed in the way of building block design. The programming style is easy and convenient, and it is conducive to debugging. When each module debugging success, alignment last cohesion constitute the feeder terminal unit of software systems.Finally, a distribution network model is established in laboratory. The simulated feeder fault of model is processed used the new FTU. It turns out to be the case that it realizes the function of the local-protection and proves the feasibility of the scheme.
Keywords/Search Tags:distribution automation, local control, FFT algorithm, feeder terminal unit, fault handling
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