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Research On Local Feeder Automation System

Posted on:2021-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Distribution automation plays an important role in ensuring the continuous,reliable and efficient operation of power grid and improving the management level of power grid.As t he c ore of di stribution a utomation,f eeder a utomation is to i mprove th e a utomation level of di stribution ne twork i n r esponse t o f aults,s horten t he du ration of f aults a nd weaken the negative impact of faults.As a link connecting users directly,the structure of distribution ne twork i s c hangeable a nd f ault o ccurs f requently.The ex isting f eeder automation mo de h as c ertain limita tions.B ased on th e e xisting lo cal f eeder mo de,th is paper proposes an improved feeder automation mode.The main work of this paper is as follows:This paper analyzes the significance and main role of feeder automation,introduces the development status of feeder automation,and summarizes the existing research results.According to the different ways of fault handling,this paper analyzes the fault handling principles of centralized feeder automation,intelligent distributed feeder automation and local feeder automation,analyzes the characteristics and application places of each mode of f ault ha ndling,a nd c oncludes t hat l ocal f eeder a utomation do es not r ely on communication network and main station,is not vulnerable to information security threats,has hi gher r eliability o f pow er s upply,and i s m ore s uitable f or m e C hina's pow er environment is complex.The pr inciple a nd f ault ha ndling l ogic of c urrent t ime m ode,vol tage t ime m ode,voltage current time mode and adaptive mode are analyzed.The analysis shows that there are some disadvantages of fault treatment methods,such as single type of fault treatment,unable to adapt to the change of grid structure,more reclosing times,long processing time and so on.In view of the above problems,this paper proposes an improved adaptive fault handling m ode.In t his m ode,t he s witch a dopts t hree m odes of c ircuit br eakers,i.e.sectional c ircuit br eaker,br anch circuit br eaker and bounda ry circuit br eaker.D ifferent circuit breakers perform different logic functions and complete fault handling through the logic cooperation of circuit breakers.This method has the following advantages: it has the ability to d eal w ith s hort-circuit f ault a nd gr ound f ault,a nd ha s a w ide r ange o f applications;in the face of complex line network structure changes,it does not need to reset t he s witch p arameters,an d h as a s trong ad aptability;i t can co mplete t he f ault treatment once reclosing,reducing the level difference between the circuit breakers,and the fault treatment time is short.Then,the characteristics of single-phase ground fault are analyzed,and t he pr ocessing l ogic of i mproved a daptive l ocal f eeder a utomation f or short-circuit fault and single-phase ground fault is given,which proves the feasibility of the method in theory.UPPAAL,a r eal-time model checking tool,is used to verify the logic correctness of the i mproved adaptive f eeder automation,and t he real-time digital simulation s ystem is used to verify the correctness and accuracy of the improved adaptive feeder automation fault processing.Then this paper analyzes and summarizes the practical application of the proposed m ethod i n t he t ransformation pl an o f a s ubstation i n C hina.T he s imulation results and the practical application results of substation transformation further prove the correctness a nd a dvantages o f t he i mproved a daptive l ocal f eeder automation m ode proposed in this paper.Under t he b ackground o f hi gh-speed d evelopment of di stributed pow er supply,t he influence of introducing distributed power supply on l ocal feeder automation is analyzed,especially on the existing local feeder mode and the improved adaptive feeder mode fault processing logic.Based on t he problems of switch inaction and misoperation caused b y power f low change,t he e xisting f eeder m ode a nd t he i mproved adaptive f eeder a re proposed Specific transformation scheme of line mode.
Keywords/Search Tags:feeder automation, local feeder automation, improved adaptive feeder automation, UPPAAL, RTDS, distribution generation
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