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A Multi-Agent System Based Distributed Coordinated Control Strategy For Microgrid

Posted on:2017-01-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2272330491950323Subject:Control engineering
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With the rapid economic development, the contradiction between the stock of fossil fuels and the growing demand for power energy becomes more and more prominent, what’s more, the environmental problems becomes more serious. As a result, the research of new and clean energy has become indeed essential.As a new distributed power supply approach, Micro-grid uses all kinds of distributed generation.It can supply power both with main power grid or independently. It’s a very promising smart power supply form. On the other hand, the new technology of multi-agent system as a new distributed control method, is more suitable for micro-grid coordination of the various distributed power control. The distribution and flexibility of multi-agent system can take the advantage of distributed generation, so in-depth study of multi-agent system applicated in micro-grid has a very great practical significance.In this paper, a micro-grid simulation model is built in Simulink, at the same time, a multi-agent system is designed for the micro-grid model in JADE to realize the monitor and coordinated control of the micato-grid. The main work and research of this paper are summarized as follows:(1) A typical micro-grid simulation model is set up, including wind turbine generation,photovoltaic cell generation and battery model, and sensitive load and resectable load depending on different priorities,The simulation results verify the effectiveness of relevant control strategy.(2) Load control strategy was proposed, we can control these loads according to different priorities.For the total energy of the power grid scheduling problem, design Distributed generation Agents. The MAS system can maintain the stability of voltage and frequency under different conditions. Through MACSimJX interface software, each agent communication pipeline is built between Simulink and JADE. And this realization of communication laid a foundation to achieve the coordinated control strategy.(3) In this paper, we put forward a five layers of micro power grid simulation coordinated control structure, design a MGCC Agent and formulate the coordinated control strategy of micro-grid and concrete implementation method, The results of simulation show that designed multi-agent system can well realize the coordinated control of energy in micro-grid.
Keywords/Search Tags:Distributed generation, Micro-grid, Multi-agent, Coordinated control
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