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Discussion On Credit Service Mode Of Small And Medium - Sized Enterprises In Commercial Banks

Posted on:2014-04-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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During the process of China’s economic development, Small and medium-sized enterprises(SME) play an irreplaceable role to economic growth, employment and maintaining social stability. With the fast development of the small and medium-sized enterprise groups, they have an increasing demand for commercial bank credit. Because of lacking other financial channels, they mainly rely on commercial bank for credit. Due to its high risks and the traditional minds of commercial banks, the small and medium-sized enterprises have financing problems.Along with the increasing competition in banking industry, the diversification of financial market, the opportunities of obtaining benefits from the original large customer groups will greatly reduce.With the financial deregulation, the rapid development of capital markets, means of direct financing for large and medium-sized customers is richer than before. So, the more large enterprises, group clients, listed companies tend to obtain funds from the capital markets. It means that the domestic commercial bank get less profit from the original traditional credit business.Therefore, in the "take the customer as the center" of buyers’market conditions, as traditional commercial banks, how to reject the traditional idea of "big small",actively support development of small and medium-sized enterprises, develop the new profit growth point is the inevitable choice of sustainable development of the commercial banks. Designing suitable credit service strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises is a new topic.This paper comprehensively analyzed the credit status of the small and medium-sized enterprises and the commercial banks in China.It searches for the reasons of the financing difficulties. The main reason of the lagging credit business for commercial banks is that the existing commercial banks credit process is cannot match the’short, small, frequency, urgent’ characteristics of the small and medium-sized enterprises credit business. The internal management and balance mechanism cannot work effectively in most commercial banks in our country. Current compliance management is based on "sector bank" rather than "process bank", resulting in service to customers, innovation and risk prevention is limited by human. Therefore, the fundamental way to solve these problems lies in the reform of ’branch bank’ mode. Build the credit factory mode on the basis of franchise center mode. Through the innovation of credit factory pattern, establish standardized credit business process and provide specialized products and services.
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